Ghalib in New Delhi and K L Saigal, Hindi Plays

Pierrot's Troupe presents Ghalib in New Delhi and K L Saigal, Hindi Plays at Epicentre and LTG

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Saturday, 29 July: Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana, India
Landmark: Opp. Power Grid Residential Complex
Venue Info: Events | Map | About | Nearest Metro Station - 'Huda City Centre(Yellow Line)'
Sunday, 30 July: The Little Theatre Group Auditorium (LTG), Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001
Landmark: Next to Kamani Auditorium
Venue Info: Events | About | Nearest Metro Station - 'Mandi House (Blue Line and Violet Line) Exit Gate - 4'
Area: Mandi House

Event Description: Pierrot's Troupe presents Ghalib in New Delhi, Hindi Comedy Play.

4pm: Ghalib In New Delhi (Hindi) – The play is arguably India’s most successful and the longest running comedy, being performed for as many as 25 years.  It is an extremely funny account of the re-birth of the renowned 19th century poet Mirza Ghalib’s in the 21st century in New Delhi, highlighting his trials, travails and tribulations – from his second birth at the ISBT in Delhi; to staying in a Servant Quarter with a Delhi University student from Patna; to dealing with a Punjaban land lady; to becoming a Page-3 celebrity. 

Duration: 1 hour 45 mins.

Featuring - Dr M Sayeed Alam, Bhoomi Nikhat Siraj, Rahul Paswan, Alina Zulfiquar, Prince Kumar, Shamsher Ansari, Ankit Chauhan, Franco Paul, Satyam Jha, Rohit Soni, Anju Chhabra, Yash Arora

7:15pm: K L Saigal - “K L Saigal” is the first-ever and the only play on the life, times and the musical brilliance of the Legendary Singer and the First Superstar of Indian Cinema - an eye-opener for the youth, a nostalgic trip for the elders. 

It is not merely a musical tribute: It, instead, is an engaging and highly entertaining portrayal of K L Saigal - Saigal as Sita Ji in Jammu, Saigal as Salesman in Delhi, Saigal as Struggler in Kolkata and Saigal as Superstar in Bombay.   

In the process, the play also re-creates the music and cinema of yesteryears. 

As expected, the play is dotted with the live recital as well as enactment of Saigal’s Ghazals, Film Songs, Dadras, and Thumris which envelope and suffuse the listener as no one else’s do - “Jab Dil Hi toot gaya hum jee kar kya karenge”, “Aah ko chahiye ek umr asar hone tak”, “Lag gai chot karejva mein hai Rama” and “Baalam aaye baso mor-e  man mein”, to name a few.   

Duration - 1 hour 30 mins. 

The play stars Yashraj Malik, who does not only sing like K L Saigal but also looks like him.

Script & Direction: Dr M Sayeed Alam 

Ghalib in New Delhi and K L Saigal, Hindi Plays at Epicentre and LTG

About Pierrot's Troupe: The theater company credited with giving many new, original and entertaining productions to Hindi, Urdu and English Theatre: Ghalib In New Delhi, Maulana Azad, Big B, Ghalib, K L Saigal, Cut…Cut…Cut, Sons of Babur, Ghalib Ke Khat, A Private Affair, Shah Jahan-O- Mumtaz, Sir Iqbal, Pakistan Aur Alzheimer’s, To Gandhi Ji With Spelling Mistakes, Raja Nahar Singh, Dagh Dehlvi, Mohan Se Mahatma, The Tale Of Quarles, etc.

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