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Introduction of DelhiEvents.com 

DelhiEvents.com is a quality resource for Previews of Public events mainly and a useful guide for going out in Delhi. The events includes Dance, Theatre, Films / Movies, Music, Arts / Exhibitions, Books, Fairs, Yoga & Meditation / Spirituality, Workshops, Kids' Events, Poetry, Talks, Walks, Trade (B2C), Sales & Shopping, Food, Nightlife, Health, Fashion, Cultural Festivals, Sports & all the positive happenings in Delhi.

The main focus is on activities which are related to art, culture, social change (NGOs etc.) and entertainment & open for public to attend. 
And Events related to crime / Politics / Exclusive Non-Vegetarian Food Festivals are strictly avoided.

Services offered by DelhiEvents.com : 

Event Promotion : For getting your event promoted through free listing or paid ad, just visit the contact page and contact us. 

Social media account management : We can also manage all of your social media accounts, do visit the contact page and fill the contact form for more details. 

Artist Management : if you are an artist or require artist, just visit the contact page and contact us by filling form.
Note : Artists can be musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, acrobats, models, anchors etc. 

Stall Bookings : If you are an event organizer or stall buyer, just visit the contact page and contact us by filling form.

Sponsorship : If you need sponsorship for your event, just visit the contact page and contact us by filling form.

Manpower : If you need girls (boys too) for events & promotions, just visit the contact page and contact us by filling form

Other Services : Many other services are also offered and for that do visit the contact page and fill the contact form. 

Background of DelhiEvents.com : 

DelhiEvents.com was started by Rohit Malik as a small blog in october 2005 and later it was moved to www.delhievents.com in January 2006. It's the first and foremost comprehensive source of quality information about events online.

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Inspiration behind DelhiEvents.com :

Here are excerpts related to Journalism from Osho Books :-

"THE PROFESSION OF A JOURNALIST is such that it lives on lies. Truth is not news; lies are news, beautiful news. The bigger the lie the better the news, because it has a certain quality in it: the quality of creating a sensation. Journalism lives on lies. If journalists decide only to be true, there won't be so many newspapers, so many magazines. And there will not be much news either. Truth you can write on a postcard."

"Journalism should not be only a business; it should also be a great responsibility towards humanity. It is no ordinary business, it cannot look only for profits. You have many other businesses for profit -- at least don't corrupt journalism for the sake of profit. Journalism should be ready to sacrifice its profits; only then can it avoid fulfilling people's sick needs, and expose their original and basic causes -- which can be removed."

"Journalism should be a revolution, not just a profession. A journalist is basically a rebellious person -- who wants the world to be a little better, who is basically a fighter -- and he has to fight for right causes. I never look at journalism as just another profession. For profit, you have so many professions available; at least something should be left uncorrupted by the profit motive. Only then is there a possibility that you can educate people: educate them for a rebellious attitude against all that is wrong, educate them against anything that causes perversions."

"The time is ripe, and journalism can become the beginning of a new era. Push politics as far back as possible, to the last pages of your newspapers. Politics is not our soul, it is the dirtiest game that you are propagating in people's minds. It is absolutely necessary that the politician be made clearly aware that he is not the man of wisdom, that he is not to guide the destiny of the nation; that he is only the servant of the people, his role is that of a functionary."

"One of the greatest revolutions in journalism will be if we can create in this country a different kind of journalism -- which is not dominated by politicians, but is inspired by its wise people. And you can remain absolutely certain that the wise people of any country are not going to fight in the elections; they are not going to beg for votes from the masses. So the wise people by their very nature remain out of power. It should be one of the basic functions of journalism to bring the wise people and their wisdom before the masses, into the light."

"You can have space for news, but that should be secondary. Because what are those news reports? What are they going to do? Somebody steals -- what is the point of reporting it? And somebody commits suicide -- what is the point of reporting it? Why make it news unnecessarily? You are filling your space with absolutely nonessential things."

"Bring the essential in. You have poets, you have painters, you have writers, you have spiritual giants -- you can introduce all of them. They should be your major part, and politics should be just your third page, or fourth page -- or maybe no page! You have made these politicians so huge, so exaggerated, and then the whole country suffers. The whole world is suffering because of these people, and you will have to take responsibility for it. These people should be cut down to size and put in their place. Somebody may be the president of the country; that doesn't mean much. The question is whether he is a great president; the quality is the question."

"And you are asking, "Can journalism survive on positive news?" I am not saying that; I am saying don't try just to survive on negative news. Bring out the positive, in all its beauty, and put the negative in the background; it should not be the focus. I don't want you just to be positive, I want you to be realists."

"The negative side is a part of life, yes; death is a part of life. But that does not mean that you have to make your funeral ground in the middle of the market. You make your funeral ground outside the city, where you go only once and you don't come back. Why don't you make it in the middle of the bazaar so that everybody can see, passing by every day, that people are being burned?"

"It is part of life, so once in a while you can talk about the funeral, but don't focus on it. Death is certain, but life is more important. Talk about life, make life a celebration. Don't make people too much afraid of death."
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