About DelhiEvents.com

*Introduction to DelhiEvents.com*

DelhiEvents.com has been promoting events in Delhi NCR since 2006. Events is our passion. Our objective is to make your event a success. 

*Our Experience*

We have promoted 60,000+ events in the past 14 years. We have built a 150,000+ event enthusiast network thru which we can create widespread event awareness, generate ticket sales, drive footfall and amplify media coverage.

*Our Track Record*

We have worked on all types of events including live concerts, art shows, music events, dance festivals, food festivals, theatre shows, lifestyle exhibitions, media conclaves, store launches and more.

*Our Website Traffic*

As of February 2020, we had 54,000 + monthly active visitors and 90000 + page views.

*Our Social Media*


*Our Event Promotion Plans*

- Basic Listing
- Premium Listing
- Premium Listing Plus
- Premium Listing Max
- Premium Listing Ultra

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