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Note : The only way to contact is through the email id mentioned below or contact form. Don't contact through the contact details given in google search or any other website etc.
Rohit Malik | Director,

Step 1 : Read the following points first

1. About : Click here to read about first (so that you are clear whom you are contacting)

2. Information for 'Going Out' : Most of the 'going out' information is available at the website and you must go through the website carefully first before contacting us. If your query is regarding any specific event or page which is already there at, you must leave a comment below that particular page. 

3. For Event Submission (for event listing) : Click here to visit Event Submission Page for more details

4. Do fill the form below If your query is still unresolved and you want to contact us for any other purpose which isn't mentioned above. 

Step 2 : Filll the Contact form below : 

Contact Email id : Send email directly only if : 
1. You already got in touch with us in past for the same reason as now and filled the contact form. 
2. You have already gone through the steps above.
3. You are unable to fill the contact form for any technical reason.
Note : But keep in mind that only those people will be preferred who have filled the form if contacting for the very first time for the current purpose. 
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