Doordarshan's The Second Buddha by Benoy K Behl

Doordarshans Second Buddha Benoy K Behl India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road Creative

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1, 2 & 3 (Cars), Gate No. 2 (Bikes & Bicycles)
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Event Description : Doordarshan's 
The Second Buddha

This is one of the great true stories of the world. It is a story about one of the most powerful personalities in all history. Guru Padmasambhava, with his magic and his flamboyant ritual dances, dominated the Roof of the World in his time in the 8th century. 

The great Guru, in the power and majesty of his mission, travelled across the highest mountains of the world. He traversed 2,000 kilometers of inhospitable, high-altitude desert, to spread the message of the Buddha. These are regions where oxygen is scarce in the thin air and often it is difficult to breathe. Mountains reach for the skies and even the hundreds of passes he would have had to cross, are often higher than 15,000 feet. The film attempts to convey some of the drama and meaning of this great story.

Director : Benoy K Behl

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