It Makes Me Wonder, Solo Exhibition by Kumar Vikas Saxena

It Makes Me Wonder, Solo Exhibition by Kumar Vikas Saxena at D-49, Lower Ground Flour, Defence Colony

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Venue: D-49, Lower Ground Flour, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi-110024, India
Venue Info: Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Lajpat Nagar(Violet Line)'

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It Makes Me Wonder, Solo Exhibition by Kumar Vikas Saxena

Presented by Empowerment

“It Makes Me Wonder “

Kumar Vikas Saxena's Artist Journey –

I spent my childhood in Bareilly, a city in Uttar Pradesh.. My home environment was full of art.. My father and uncle are painters.. I saw and learnt art from my surroundings.. I spent a lot of my childhood in the mountains of Uttarakhand.. I love nature because I spend time alone in the lush pine forests on the mountains.. I find the beauty of nature in its rustic form, in its rawness.. If someone sees my canvas, they will find a very textured rawness in my canvas, which is my love for nature since childhood.. I paint my canvas with acrylic paint in such a way that it retains its rawness..

I have been painting from a very young age.. I don't even know the exact age.. I have memories of class 6 when I started drawing pictures of our freedom fighters from an album.. My mother has preserved all those paintings of my childhood.. I have some paintings from class 6 onwards.. When I was in class 8, my father organized an art exhibition of my paintings.. I made around 20 paintings of Indian cricket players on cartridge sheets using poster colours.. And thus it is a continuous journey, this journey includes many group shows and solo exhibitions, art campuses, international art projects. After completing Masters in Painting from Kumaun University, I started my PhD at Garhi Studio, Delhi.. But could not complete it due to personal reasons.  In 2002 I started a non-profit organization “Empowerment ” to promote arts and crafts.. My organization has done many art projects at national and international forums for ICCR, Government of India, various embassies, Lalit Kala Academy, Culture Department of Uttarakhand Government etc. It has organized international art exhibitions, artist exchange projects and art camps for senior and emerging artists. Some of the important projects include SAARC Nation Art Camp, India-Germany Art Projects in Berlin and New Delhi, India-China Artist Residence, India-Sri Lanka Artist Residence in Colombo and New Delhi, India-Bhutan Artist Residence in Thimpu and New Delhi, India-Pakistan Artist Show, India-Afghanistan Artist Show in New Delhi, India-Thailand Art Show in Delhi and Thailand etc. I have undertaken a project “Cultural Diversity through Art” for some embassies like Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Germany, China etc. I have also been the curator for the Museum Inauguration Exhibition of Culture Department of Uttarakhand Government.

My subject matter and its inspiration –
I have been fascinated by grand structures since my childhood and I have a special love for our heritage and history. Whenever I see these huge magnificent monuments, I always think about the designers and artists who planned these structures. I admire their ability to create these buildings. I always wanted to live the era when these structures were built. I feel a deep connection with history. I cannot live that era but I can live that era on my canvas through my paintings.

I traveled in India and abroad where I could see old forts, temples, churches, monuments. Indian temple structure has a great influence on my art, but during my trips to Sri Lanka, China and Thailand I could see beautiful Buddhist monuments. Each country's heritage has a different influence on its art. Similarly, trips to Europe gave me a new window to see European heritage structures. I love painting historical cities and its structure, whether it is Asian or European. For me these structures remind us of the great history of human civilization.

My paintings are like a dream, a thought of my subconscious mind. I dream about historical structures but it is a mixed architecture, I try to capture the blurred images of my dreams on my canvas in a surrealist way. It is like a dream world for me where I try to connect our glorious history with the promise of the future. I try to depict the connection between contemporary life and the past. Nature is an important element in my work. I never forget nature while talking about man-made structure. My works give a message that we humans create huge concrete structures to satisfy ourselves, neglecting nature but nature takes its place. It is invincible. Sometimes man destroys nature and then tries to preserve it in his own way, it seems as if he is trying to tame it.

You will find both aspects of nature in my works, somewhere it is suffering under man-made structures, at the same time it is flourishing with humans. It shows the co-existence of human civilisation and mother nature.

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