SHIVAARGHYA, Festival of Male Dancers by Ganesa Natyalaya

SHIVAARGHYA, Festival of Male Dancers by Ganesa Natyalaya at Ganesa Natyalaya, C-16, Qutub Institutional Area

Venue: Ganesa Natyalaya, C-16, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi, India
Venue Info: Map | Nearest Metro Stations - 'IIT (Magenta Line)' and 'Hauz Khas(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: SHIVAARGHYA, Festival of Male Dancers by Ganesa Natyalaya

A #SwarnaSaroja event 

Ganesa Natyalaya, a prominent Bharatanatyam dance institution of Delhi celebrates the month of Mahasivaratri with a festival dedicated to male dancers titled ‘Shivaarghya’. This year, 25 dancers from across the country will be participating in the festival showcasing seven Indian traditional dance forms curated by Rama Vaidyanathan.

Brainchild of late Guru Saroja Vaidynathan, this initiative was started in 2019 to give opportunities to young male dancers who are talented and have taken dance as their full time profession. Shivaarghya is a SwarnaSaroja event, which is a year-long celebration to mark the golden jubilee of Ganesa Natyalaya, the Institution started by Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan in 1974. For the past fifty years, the Institution has been relentlessly engaged in the propagation of Bharatanatyam especially in North India. 

Speaking on the festival, Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan, President, Ganesa Natyalaya, says, “Shivaarghya pays tribute to the first dancer Lord Nataraja who symbolises the genderless dancing body. This year we have invited artists from Kerala, Chandigarh, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kolkata and Bengaluru.”

The festival promises to showcase the excellence, perseverance and versatility of the male classical dancer. The dancers participating in the festival are 
Kathak: Vishal Krishna Mishra from Varanasi along with Bhava Gangani & Ashish, Akshar Tekchandani and Gaurav Bhatti from Delhi
Bharatanatyam: Anand CS from Kerala, Amrit Sinha and Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai and Syed Samsur Rehman from Lucknow, Nilay Mandal, Santanu Roy and Pankoj Singha Roy from Kolkata along with Dr S Vasudevan, Himanshu Srivastava, Vinay Tiwari, Nilava Sen and Pritam Das from Delhi; Varun Khanna from Chandigarh along with Shobit Ramesh from Bengaluru
Odissi: Krishnendu Saha from Kolkata
Kuchipudi: Washim Raja from Delhi
Kathakali: Sahil Suresh from Delhi
Pung Cholam: Shyam Singh from Delhi and Chau dance by Shubham Acharya from Delhi. 

Sivaarghya will be held at the Ganesa Natyalaya premises at Qutab Institutional area. The festival begins with a very revealing lecture titled “Nataraja and the Cosmos” by scholar Dr VR Devika from Chennai, followed by a series of dance performances by talented male dancers from across India. 

About Ganesa Natyalaya:

One of the premier Bharatanatyam institutions in Delhi which has trained over 1500 students has nearly a hundred taking up Bharatanatyam as a career and a full-time profession, some going on to become acclaimed Bharatanatyam exponents both in India and abroad. Nearly 30 of them have set up their own dance institutions across the globe (half of them being abroad) propagating this art-form and remaining affiliated to Natyalaya. Till date 312 students of Ganesa Natyalaya have done their Arangetram. This year, the Golden Jubilee, is special and almost all the schools are joining in to celebrate the SWARBA SAROJA both at their school level as well as along with the Natyalaya functions. 

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