Kinetic Symphonies, solo show of artworks by Suparna Mondal

Kinetic Symphonies solo show artworks Suparna Mondal Treasure Art Gallery TAG D24 Defence Colony Creative

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Venue: Treasure Art Gallery (TAG), D-24, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi-110024, India
Venue Info: | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Lajpat Nagar(Violet Line)'

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TAG Treasure Art Gallery Presents “Kinetic Symphonies”, showcasing works by Suparna Mondal curated by Dr Mandakini Devi.

This exhibition showcases works of art representing Suparna’s journey from Haldia to New Delhi. Her transition from an industrial and rural landscape to a metropolitan city like New Delhi - the capital of India.
The works presented in this exhibition might be strikingly different from one another, however, they resonate with Suparna’s interest in the dynamic nature of urban living. It is the hustle–bustle of cars, high-rise buildings and people synchronized in an ever-moving flow or verse, layered with materials that are symbolic of industry and construction. Her application of colour is unique, in the sense she is able to create a feeling of movement by combining complementary and contrasting colours within the same visual plane. Suparna speaks of Haldia, a major port located in the industrial belt of West Bengal, with its numerous ‘karkhanas’ or workshops as a major influence in her artistic practice. Her recollections of Haldia are not only nostalgic memories but a source of inspiration to represent modern urban life through architectural forms, geometric shapes and bright colours. Suparna’s rendition of the ‘everyday urban’ focuses on the beauty of technology and construction. Her creations are marvellously kinetic, and the paintings are like taking a roller-coaster ride through a space station. Only starts with the suggestion of architecture to develop multi-layered symphonies of shades of colours, beams of light, long sheets of reflecting surfaces, and staccato harmonies. The speedy development of present society, surroundings and taste in the social communication system reflects in her works. 

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