Reflection of the Mind, an exhibition of paintings by Swati Goel

Paintings Swati Goel

Entry: Free

Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery
India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking: Gate No. 1, 2 & 3 (Cars), Gate No. 2 (Bikes & Bicycles)
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'Jor Bagh(Yellow Line)Exit Gate-1' - Walk Direction
'Khan Market(Violet Line)'
Area: Lodhi Road Area Events

Event Description: Reflection of the Mind, an exhibition of paintings by Swati Goel. 

This exhibition is about how the philosophy, abstract expressionism helps me emote what I feel about our human mind. The concept of always having negative thoughts or vibes in our mind like- chaos, conflict, fear, phobias, disappointments etc. is what we usually think of first but, wont it be better if we actually try controlling it and think of hope, light, positives around us, purity in our environment because all these good and positive thoughts will lead us to become more happy and optimistic. Then we can finally get out of all this chaos that’s tangled in our mind and untangle into a more hopeful and optimistic mindset. This is also what I portray in all my paintings- a ray of hope, light amidst all the darkness around or some positivity.

My main purpose to do this project/exhibit is so that I gain some exposure from the world around and not just people in our society. My artworks are also for sale and I have priced all of them according to its raw material, beauty, complexity and message. Trust me all I thought of is some uninvited people coming there or someone talking to me about art and that’s about it. Also if any of my abstracts is sold I want contribute to CRY and shower them with hope.
All these paintings have a backstory to them that is personal to me so it would be heart touching if I get an outcome from this project.

All artwork is dedicated to the mind and its music.

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  1. We all are waiting for the show.
    Lots of blessings to you swati

  2. Thank a ton! do visit as tomorrow is my last day..


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