Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Akshita Wason

Painting Akshita Wason
Painting by Akshita Wason
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Venue: Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise De Delhi, 72, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110003
Landmark: Next to Annexe building of India International Centre
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Event Description: ART: Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Akshita Wason

Curated by Jitendra Padam Jain

Born in Delhi, India, and based in Auckland, New Zealand, Akshita Wason is one of those dynamic personalities who has the ability to amalgamate two antagonistic realms of art and science to bring out the beauty of one in the other. Having completed a PhD in biochemistry studying protein engineering, she says that science supports and in some manner augments her creativity. Science and art for her are share certain commonalities. For example, observation, exploration and expression form a consistent base in both the fields. 

What started as dabbling led to formalism in early 2017 when she was 29 years old. Art for Akshita is very private and intimate. It’s a passion for her. So much so that she would never venture near her artwork if she is stressed as she thinks it may contaminate it with unwanted emotions. Money or fame has never been a source of motivation for this young artist. For her, overcoming self-doubt as an artist and believing that her work represents something more substantial, something beyond daily existence, is the real motivation. Hers is a journey influenced by many real-life experiences and people, making her work commercially valuable. 

Akshita has experimented with a lot of materials including canvas. However, she found that she always gravitated towards ink and paper. For her, “Paper has an inherent absorbency and porosity which gives it a unique character. The resistance and acceptance to pigments provide the much-needed vibrancy of the end-result.” 

Her sources of inspiration are rooted in arborescent patterns, geomorphology and earthy elements. The outcome of her work is to imbibe and illustrate the relationship between static and dynamic, deposition, and erosion, that dominate and sculpt the earth, through an interplay of ink, clay and graphite. Richly pigmented, the works attempt to depict the topological changes in landscapes, via evolution or human alteration. By soaking, pouring, or dragging the preparation, the pigments take a natural course of flow, unimpeded, mimicking the natural formation of geological structures.

Akshita’s works are an attempt to highlight the present-day environmental realities and incite human emotions through the all-pervading quality of pigments. She states that over the decades, our interaction with Nature has changed substantially from one of exploration and respect to over-exploitation and ignorance. This unnatural discourse of disengagement will ultimately lead to a collapse of the intricate network of life, including the planetary continuum itself. Her approach is very intimate and at the same time free of restraint. It begins with emptiness; detaching herself from a tangible reality. She tries to imbibe energetic gestures balanced by calm empty spaces. 

The result is free of defined forms and convention to transcend to a universal theme that connects all humans. She has recently started to experiment with a paper assembly which renders the viewer with a new perspective and at the same time a counterintuitive visual experience. For her, this pursuit fuels an intellectual investigation, akin to a scientific methodology, while relinquishing expectations and boundaries through artistic expressions. She is constantly refining and learning about the environment and new art forms.

As an artist, Akshita does not differentiate between the Indian and overseas art scenario. Her reason is that true art is not constrained by boundaries. However, she would like to see the evolution of the contemporary movement in India, especially abstract expressionism, so that more artists are recognized in this space.

She would like to dedicate this exhibition to the memory of her grandfather, Mr Harjit Singh Bawa, who she says was a wonderfully jovial person, lived a wholehearted life and will be tremendously missed by the family.  

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