Les Femmes Fatales - Women with Gumption, Solo Show by Kiran Dixit Thapar

Kiran Dixit Thapar Artworks

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Venue : Visual Arts Gallery
India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1, 2 & 3 (Cars), Gate No. 2 (Bikes & Bicycles)
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'Khan Market(Violet Line)'
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Event Description: Les Femmes Fatales - Women with Gumption, an exhibition of thought-provoking artworks by Kiran Dixit Thapar

This October, New Delhi will be privy to sculptures and paintings that not only draw you in but also leave you with food for soul. Beginning on the 20th of October, 2019 at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, Les Femmes Fatales, a solo exhibition of artworks by a 73 year old artist, Kiran Dixit Thapar celebrates women with gumption and is dedicated to women who have carved their own in this patriarchal society.

Having been a patron of the arts and crafts, Kiran Dixit Thapar’s sculptures are inspired by her life at Shantiniketan where she now lives. the exhibition will showcase 52 sculptures and around 25- 30 drawings during the event. Moulding the humdrum to extraordinary, her sculptures are a clear depiction of what she wants to say and portray. The five-day show has artworks replete in bronze, fibreglass and mild steel. The work has been inspired by Women at work, animals, and Flora-Fauna around Shantiniketan.

With an analytical understanding of life form, Kiran’s work also reflects her experiences. At the heart of the exhibition are works such as - Circus Girls', girls on Cycle, Hanuman, and Birds of my imagination. The three women artworks represent three states, Bengal -Tribal-Santhal lady, Northeast women with the Baby in the back, and lastly, from Punjab, women should be accorded equality where ever they come from. Inspirations from surroundings include artworks like The Billy Goat. This work, in particular, shows the beauty of his form, the beauty of everyday, mundane things in our life. The Khajur, gach, date trees are part of our landscape and unique and appealing in their own right.  

Each creation by the artist touches upon the subjects that we as individuals and as a society come across every single day of our lives. The tribal women show their handwork and strength and their freedom and equality that our so-called urban cities lack. The artworks are around 6 feet tall and are made of steel and iron.

“After living in England for 30 years and then moving back to India in 2000, I lay my roots in Shantiniketan. It is here that I have expressed myself through art and have held an annual exhibition since then. Les Femmes Fatales-Women with Gumption is an ode to women of substance like my mother Raj Thapar Ahuja, Amrita Pritam, Amrita Shergil, Simon de-Beauvoir,  Taslima Naseer, Farida Kahlo ... and many more such women who have tried to break out of the mould society has engulfed us in. The event is also the perfect way to celebrate 100 years of Kala Bhawan [Santinikaten], and a very Dear friend, Late Dr. Chandar shaker Vyas”, shares Kiran Dixit Thapar.

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Les Femmes Fatales - Women with Gumption, Solo Show by Kiran Dixit Thapar Les Femmes Fatales - Women with Gumption, Solo Show by Kiran Dixit Thapar Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Friday, October 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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