Babul Raja, Hindi Comedy Play

Babul Raja Comedy Play Still

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Venue : The Little Theatre Group Auditorium (LTG), Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi-110001
Landmark : Next to Kamani Auditorium
Venue Info : Events | About | Nearest Metro Station - 'Mandi House (Blue Line and Violet Line) Exit Gate - 4'
Area :  Mandi House

Event Description : Mask Theatre Group presents Babul Raja, Hindi Comedy Play

As part of Panchanan Pathak Haasya Naatya Samaroh-19

Directed by Gajraj Nagar (Ras)

During the history of our great Indian peninsula, beginning from the primitive clan system of governance up to the current democratic system journeying through the medieval kingdoms, one group of scoundrels, disingenuous, nimble, manipulative, persecutors, greedy and voracious used to be throughout active right between the rulers and subjects. The very objective of such a rascal group was that all the benefits must be concaved to them only instead of the subjects. These scoundrels holding charges of different tiers of the then prevailing feudalism like, Jameendaar, Pawayeedaar, Ilakedaar, Mansabdaar etc. always knew that they themselves could never become king and if at all they became, they would be killed by rebels, their opponents. Wonderfully, everyone of them used to be the gem of his field! There was a question before all of them then how to keep this dishonestly gathered wealth, assets and aura of the post held intact for ever! If the king or ruler was scrupulous, loyal to subject, merited, deserving, honest, brave and worthy warrior, he would not let them play. Only the way out was that the ruler must be a timid and coward, wanton, spineless, fool, dumb, unethical, politically unreligious and also he must have no knowledge of History, Geography, Economics, Agriculture, Politics, Art, Religion, Warfare or any such stream of proficiency which made a king loyal to thrown as well as to subjects. If such an unworthy and idiot person became king, supporting subordinate rascals would ensure perfect intactness of everything they had gathered through unfair means and their biggest achievement used to be all opprobrium on the head of the king! Usually, this foxy group, by showing false loyalty and faithfulness to the king in person (not to the thrown or state), used to deceptively elect one prince out of many to make king who was the most unworthy and incompetent. With such an incompetent ruler on thrown, their objectives were easily and successfully fulfilled. Believe us, this was prevailing in primitive clan system of governance as well as during medieval time and see carefully, this is still prevailing in current so called democratic system of governance!
This is not a skit, but a mirror of the present political scenario! Top class lawyers, laureates, experts of international politics and economics, top class officials, leamed scholars and academicians would be found conspiring to help an unworthy prince of a kingdom becoming head of the state. All of them very well know that they themselves can never become head of the state, so let this idiot be! Had it not been so, the name of

Aurangjeb would not have been enlisted in Mughal emperors. Enjoy the skit but please do take lesson also!

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