Apparently Real, A solo exhibition of paintings by artist Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Paintings Sabya Sachi Ghosh

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Venue : Visual Arts Gallery
India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1, 2 & 3 (Cars), Gate No. 2 (Bikes & Bicycles)
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'Khan Market(Violet Line)'
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Event Description : Apparently Real, A solo exhibition of paintings by artist Sabya Sachi Ghosh.

The exhibition Apparently Real aims to bridge the gulf that existsbetween the abstract and the real in art. In common parlance theidea of the abstract is a result of incomprehension andunfamiliarity. Once some semblance of understanding is garneredthen the abstract becomes real. The thin line that divides this gapis a matter of perception. The paintings exhibited propose tounravel this dichotomy which exists within us, the understandingof reality through the garb of abstractionism. The show depictsabstract themes in the ‘apparently real’ manner. This depictionverges towards the extreme notion of hyper realism as a genre ofmodern art. Many questions knock on our knowledge about theabstract in art. What makes a painting abstract and how do wethen define realism? Is it merely by the depiction of bodily objects,people and animals or is it by some other method? A ‘realistically’done still-life which randomly depicts objects that areunconnected expresses an abstract idea and yet it is notclassified as abstract art. An abstract canvas that has an intentionto show a particular mood of the artist, which he experienced, isnever seen as realistic, however much it might inspire tangiblefeelings among the onlooker. So it then begs the question ‘what isreal and what is abstract?’ Well my concern is not to dictate myunderstanding but to share the synthesis between these twopolarities, which coexist in my paintings. Viewers may discern andinterpret the canvases as realistically done paintings, whosetheme is abstract or abstractly done realistic paintings. Theviewer’s mind may be befuddled into thinking that the canvasesare three dimensional rendition of crumpled cloth stuck onrectangular frames. However upon closer inspection of thepaintings one sees through the illusion before them and comes toan understanding of the Apparently Real.

About the artist : Sabya Sachi Ghosh is a self taught artist from, Kolkata. His studiois at Agra. He has done his masters in English and holds aBachelor of Education degree. Born in pre liberalized India hegrew up perceiving the dynamics of change that bridged hisunderstanding of ‘the then’ and ‘the now’. He chose art as hisprofession because he loves to be involved with creativity andfinds that creating art gives his life a meaning. It helps himunderstand the confusing world around him. If not for art whatwould have given colour to our drab existence, he often askshimself. His art is inspired by this simple understanding. He alsohas this desire to leave a mark in the minds of the viewers of hisartworks. He also gets his inspiration from the universe… literallyspeaking. He tries to record cataclysmic events in space onvarious surfaces. The medium of his works are not that importantto him. He uses whatever he finds handy to paint his thoughts andexperiences that are related to the greater universe that he livesin. He makes no distinction between the different mediums ofcolours like oil, acrylic, water colour, tempera, pastel, children’scrayons, charcoal and the humble pencil. He is dexterous inapplying all these mediums to express his comprehension of hissurroundings. He has done several solo exhibitions and hasparticipated in several group shows in India and abroad.

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