Old World Theatre Festival 2019

Old World Theatre Festival 2019 Plays Stills
Old World Theatre Festival 2019 - Plays Stills
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Venue : India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1, 2 & 3 (Cars), Gate No. 2 (Bikes & Bicycles)
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Event Description : THEATRE : Old World Theatre Festival 2019


An Old World Culture Presentation.

Schedule : Add to Calendar 16/08/2019 19:00 25/08/2019 21:00 Asia/Kolkata Title Here Event Page : https://www.delhievents.com/2019/08/old-world-theatre-festival-india-habitat-centre.html India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 DD/MM/YYYY

Aug 16 : 

7:00pm : 1,2,Tree….(Puppetry/English/60 mins). Dir. Anurupa Roy. Group: Sandbox Collective. Pao, a 7-year old boy, and his cat, Bruce Lee, have befriended a plant. They must now protect it if they want to save the world. From sinister scientists to grumbling goons, every powerful grown-up in the city seems to be after the plant. 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

7:00pm Unravel: An Improv Play about Mental Health (English, Hindi & Gibberish/120 mins). Dir. Varoon P. Anand. Group: Kaivalya Plays. Unravel is an interactive theatre ​production bringing experiences with mental health and wellness to the fore. The spontaneous improvusing physical games, theatre exercises, vignettes and site-specific performances, endeavours to address stigmas around mental illness. Supported by VIMHANS. 
Venue: Amaltas

Aug 17 : 
5:00pm : Hunger Artist (Eng/60 mins). Dir. Gurleen Judge. 
Group: AumYash Kendra. 
Inspired by Franz
Kafka's chilling short story by the same name and NamdevDhasal's masterpiece poem &'Bhook', ‘Hunger Artist’ is a moving portrayal of the agrarian crisis.
Venue: Amaltas

6:30pm | FILM & THEATRE | BLACK THEATRE LIVE BROADCAST.Macbeth by William Shakespeare (Eng/90 mins). Dir. Jatinder Verma. Design:Claudia Mayer. Produced by Tara Arts. Three outrageous hijras cook up an explosive brew of treachery, ambition and passion, setting an Asian family off on a path of bloody self-destruction. 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 18 - 
4:00pm & 7:00pm Gumm Hai (Hindi/75 mins). Dir. NeelamMansinghChowdhry. The play's recurring leitmotif follows Pinki, a young girl of eleven who has gone missing from her village for two months. It examines how an inexplicable loss irrevocably changes the dynamics within a family and the community. These varied skeins of narratives are dovetailed to examine and understand grief, loss, death, human affirmation and survival. It is sourced from many references including The Seven Stages of Grieving, a Performance Text by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman that dips into the history of the aboriginal.
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 19 & Aug 20 - 
7:30pm | Gudamba(Hindustani/75 mins without interval). 
Dir. Salim Arif.Wri. Javed Siddiqi. 
On Stage: Lubna Salim. A heart-warming monologue that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. An ambitious young girl, Amina, gets married and thinks that her man of dreams is God’s answer to her prayers. Living as a ‘Bahu’ in an old sprawling joint family with its complicated domestic politics, Amina saunters her way through with comic effervescence and self-deprecating humour. 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 19 - 7:30pm : Every Brilliant Thing (English/75 mins). Dir. Quasar ThakorePadamsee (Q).
Wri. Duncan Macmillan, with Jonny Donahoe. 
Group: QTP. 
He is seven years old. Mum’s in hospital. She finds it hard to be happy. He makes a list to cheer her up: Ice cream, Pillow fights, Staying up past your bedtime and being taken to a movie, The colour yellow, Gully Cricket. This intimate piece invites you to share the joy found in everyday objects.Supported by VIMHANS.
Venue: Amaltas

Aug 21 - 7:30pm FaqeerNimaana(Theatre in Dance/Punjabi, English, Hindi/65 mins). 
Dir. SanjuktaWagh. 
Group: beej. F
aqeerNimaana:Embodying the faqeer, Shah Hussain and his words in music and dance. The path of love is a needle’s eye. Be a thread. Go through.’ Shah Hussain was a mystic weaver poet from 16th century Lahore. His charkha spins, a metaphor for life and death, perennial movement and time itself but only a single thread can dare to enter the needle’s eye, beyond which all divisions of religion, caste, gender, sexuality and nation must break to find a new way of being. A tribute to “FaqeerNimaana” by bringing to life his ‘kafi’s’ in song and dance. 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 22 - 7:30pm Those Left Behind Things (English/105 mins). 
Wri. & Dir. VikramPhukan. Group: Theatre JilJilRamamani. The play follows the journey of Iranian asylum-seeker Hamid and others of his ilk, as they exchange one set of circumstances for another. From the dark alleys of Tehran to the neon-lit pier at Brighton, life comes full circle. The lands of milk and honey are not what they seem, and what is left behind might well be lost forever. The play examines displacement and migration, the shifting signposts of desire, and the inextinguishable human spirit. 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 23 - 7:30pm | Jam (Eng,Hindi/65 mins). 
Dir. ShivaniTanksale.Producer: Harkat Studios.Writer: Annie Zaidi. 
Bina and Surekha are college friends who haven’t met for years. Now they have met but are stuck in a terrible traffic jam. Surekha drives, swears and is not above nudging a car that is refusing to give way. But is there more to her aggression? 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 23 - 7:30pm Under Pressure (English/90 mins). 
Dir. Aruna Ganesh Ram.Group: Visual Respiration.
The performance will examine the domino effect of Individual & collective choice and environmental consequence, exploring themes of consumerism, minimal living, indigenous wisdom, the life of trees and the politics of nature. 
Venue: Amaltas

Aug 24 - 7:00pm Head 2 Head (Eng, Kannada with Eng subtitles/65 mins). 
Dir.Shabari Rao. Group: The Big Fat Company. 
“Am I a good actor even though I am fat?”, “How does being in this body shape me as an actor?” “Did Shakespeare say Hamlet was lean?” In search of answers to these questions, The Big Fat Company plays with ‘Hayavadana’ and has come up with Head 2 Head, a unique devised theatre performance. By using sections of the iconic Kannada play by Girish Karnad, it interrogates identity and archetypes, and the much-vaunted mind-body (dis)connection. An important question for actors with large bodies who deal with this quandary on a daily basis is: Where does identity lie: head or body? Or both? 
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

Aug 25 - 4:00pm & 7:00pm : Pitaji Please (Hindi/120 mins). 
Wri& Dir. Makrand Deshpande. Group: Ansh Theatre Group. 
The love between a Father and his son compels them to keep one Lie between them to welcome Swati in their house. A compelling warm, truthful play about a lie out of fear!!  
Venue: The Stein Auditorium

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