ART EXHIBITION "Journey" group show > 13th April to 11th May 2019

Venue : Studio 55, Cafe & Art Gallery, 55, Sunder Nagar
Journey group show Studio 55 Artworks

Entry : Free

Venue : Studio 55, Cafe & Art Gallery, 55, Sunder Nagar, New Delhi
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Stations - 'Pragati Maidan(Blue Line)' & 'Khan Market (Violet Line)'

Event Description : ART EXHIBITION "Journey" group show 

It is a concept behind of each artist takes more than 15 years to be a complete artist through their Journey. we have plan this Title Journey from now and want to be continue  till 50 episode all over the world to promote upcoming artists and their arts.

About The Artists

He has completed his B.F.A. & M.F.A. in Sculpture with Class First (Gold Medalist) from   college of Art. Delhi. And  Four Year Diploma in Art & Craft B.V.B. (Board of Technical Education, Delhi.) He Has participated many group and solo exhibition including   Lalit kala Akademi Art Gallery, Delhi, Vadhera Art Gallery, Delhi,  Shridhani  Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai, Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, "Joy of Life" organised by Art Alive Gallery at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat, New Delhi, 'Choice Regal' Art Exhibition at Morya Seraten Hotel, Delhi, Curated by Poonam Sarin, Sculpt for Delhi-II at Gandhi King Plaza, India International Centre, New Delhi Curated Naresh Kapuria &  Neeraj Gupta, Delhi Art  Society, He was awarded by Sculpture Award in Annual Art Exhibition, B.V.B., New Delhi, 1st prize in College of Art Annual Art Exhibition, B.C. Sanyal award in College of Art  Annual Art Exhibition, All India Rajiv Gandhi Art Exhibition,  8th Yuva Mahotsava Sculpture Award, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi, AIFACS Delhi State Award,  AIFACS Millennium All India Exhibition Award, Platinum Jubilee, AIFACS Delhi State Award. He has Received Invitation & Honor for Art Exhibition by Sh. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam President of India on "Celebration  of Independence Day". Asurvedh is Working in Delhi Administration School (Govt. of Delhi) * President, Nav Siddhartha Art Group (Regd.) Delhi.  He is  Vice-President, Delhi Art Teachers Association, Secretary, Kala Akademy, Narela (Regd.), Delhi,    President, Nisank, Art & Culture society, Delhi. *Life Member, Bombay Art Society (Regd.),            Member  Insea International Society for Education Through Art and President, Garhi.  Artist lives and works in Delhi.
Deepali, who got absorbed in art during her early childhood, likes communicating through art, construing various aspects of life in a very expressive way.  Though she has her undergraduate & graduate degrees in Economics, the love of art pulled her towards Triveni Kala Sangam, where she undertook her formal training under the guidance of Shri Sanjay Roy.

Deepali Roongta offers an intriguing perspective on how altered objects can create an interdisciplinary stage for idea creation and takes it to completely new level where everything is fluid everything is surreal. Deepali's palette is very varied having colours that change based on her inspiration and the image that she sees in her mind. Her colours are bright, which seems to come automatically and intuitively to the artist. 
No matter how planned the work comes across instinct plays a very important role in artists creation and I feel that is the soul of any creative process. Deelai's paintings make viewer go through an emotional and mental experience, their mind gets impacted in an intimate and unexpected communicative effect, which leave them with the curiosity to know more and see more.

Kamal Devnath,  a born and destined artist from Kolkata, now residing in Gurgaon opines that art is a genuine and blunt form of communication, be it with the world or with oneself as both verbal and non-verbal feelings and emotions are expressed through it. He believes that any artwork does not need an explanation or should have significance; in fact, it should speak and be felt by the viewers and touch their heart. For him, art can hold a mirror to the society.
The life around is the motivation for him, and through paintings, he can bring to life nature's invisible form. He takes each artwork as a challenge, and it helps him to forget the surrounding and uplifts one to the different world. Kamal has evolved a distinct style of his own and keeps experimenting with the new. Realistic art is his forte, he does figurative and semi-abstract which shows his love for life, and he is known for his portraits.
 His myriad artworks are elegantly presented as chapters revealing colours and facets of life and each bearing a resemblance to historical or contemporary style. His work is deeply engaging, and for most of the artworks, he does an admirable job, of translating ideas derived from all nuances of life and surroundings, practising his decades of research.
Kamal is musically talented too and has an interest in playing instruments; this characteristic gets reflected in his artworks as viewers find his work lyrical. He gives form to the beats and sounds combining with nature's creation, which is expressed vehemently with the flow of the stroke.

Kamal Devnath believes that Art should not be limited to him and therefore believes in imparting his skill. He considers art as a significant method of manifestation for students to bring forth their originality and have creative instincts.  According to him, cadence in art is the flowing together of head, heart and hand as all three - intellect, feeling and actions, come together to create masterpieces.
His credentials include participating in above 60 solos, and group shows organised across pan India and also has made a name internationally. His Artwork speaks volumes and has an elite clientele across the nation and overseas who value his creations.
Kamal's palette is continuously evolving and for him, “Anything that excites me for any reason, I will paint; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.”

Dr. Mohini Narain is a practicing Lawyer, also actively and deeply involved in art, music poetry and theatre,. She has been participating in many art exhibition in India and abroad. She is also a Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing teacher and Doctor of clinical hypnotherapy. She was awarded  the  “Diamond of India Award” in 2014 by United Indian and Women Achiever award by the Inner wheel of the Rotary Club in 2004. Her works are in the collection of the Libya Embassy, Singapore and Many Pvt. Collection In India

Nivedita Pande
They say painting is the call of the spirit. To be an artist one requires not just skill but also the gift of talent compounded by an insight into life's experiences, which create layers and depth of meaning within an artist's work. Nivedita Pande is one such artist.
Having had her initial training in architecture and working as a successful architect has been a rewarding experience in the growth of her creative eye. Her canvas speaks of the contradiction of worlds where the compositions have elements of buildings and their environs symbolizing the brick and mortar of regular living. The use of space and form in Nivedita's work is very carefully executed where the composition indicates the comment of the work in question.
The juxtaposition of opposing environs adds to Nivedita's taste for the absurd where there is nothingness yet there is a dialogue. It talks of man's callous nature, oppression, struggle, need to be our natural selves and the play of our lives as we live one moment to another.
Buildings and their elements almost always feature in her work and speak of the experience of space. Her use of flat backgrounds brings out the nothingness of space. She plays with the absurd and exposes the desolation of figures, sometimes focusing on the solitary object lying and allowing the viewers to contemplate on what really is happening.
Pande takes the viewers eye to a fresh unseen perspective with her compositions and the use of planes and depth. Space becomes an important element in her work. The figures in her paintings are often devoid of any purposeful meaning in depicting anything even though they are performing actions. This feeling of the absurd raises the viewer's expectation to find and associate, and then the composition becomes a complex mind game, where finally the viewer's need for connection is satiated with noticing the objects within the painting and their inherent connotations in context to human life. From there starts the open- ended journey of the understanding of human life.
Man and his environment are keenly sensed in Nivedita Pande's work. In each painting one can see humanity grappling with its condition whether it is being oppressed, living in an environment that is not natural or falling in its own trap, all with a certain ambiguity which borders on the satirical and humorous.

In all her works, Pande weaves together an interesting comment on society and uses a different perspective in looking at each situation. The works, in that, become politically relevant to the human condition in today's time. She brings about the catharsis of understanding by binding the thesis and anti thesis of contradictions together and subsequently meaning is created from the very abstractness of thought we view while gazing at her work.
What strikes me most is the ability to create satirical humour from the incongruous in a landscape where meaning is held back allowing the viewer to contemplate and experience that journey. Her interesting take on life and experiences and understanding of space, line and form are superbly executed in her work. Her sensitivity to the human condition and the stoic grace with which she deals with it, transforms Nivedita Pande's works into an important dialogue to the growing Indian Contemporary Art scene today.

Born and brought up in the Blessed city of Varanasi. Completed  her “Art-Appreciation & Intensive Training for Conservation of Historical Glass and Ceramic Objects- National Museum, Diploma  in “Textile Design” from New Delhi, “graduate” in painting from the prestigious Krishnamurthy Foundation (affil. To BHU),Varanasi, She has been exhibiting since 1997.  She partook in Solo and Group exhibitions in India and Moscow & St. Petersburg-Russia, London-U.K., Kathmandu-Nepal, Thimpu-Bhutan,Male-Maldives, Bangkok-Thailand and Abu Dhabi-UAE. Attended art residency in Dhegum-Gandhi Nager, Art Hub-Abu Dhabi and Mehrangarh Fort and Museum-Jodhpur. She attended many art Workshop/Camps in N-Delhi, Varanasi, Bhilwara and Kathmandu. Recently selected for International Art Symposium, organised by I Art & Plenum School, Himachal Pradesh. The Art Committee in NY of UNICEF selected her work for their greetings cards and United Nation for poster and souvenir on the International Day for Disabled person, Dec3 for CAN(NGO).Received silver and Bronze medals for Drawings at all India level. Served and called as Art and Craft judge in schools, visiting faculty for professional  Institutes of Fashion and Interior Design and ext. Examiner of fashion institute and women polytechnic in Mumbai, Delhi and Varanasi. As an artist she gets inspiration from various aspects, which has given her  a vocation and a mission for a life time. At present she freelances.

Shashi Tripathi has always had an interest in creative field during her growing years. She utilised her artistic affinity whilst she pursued her initial interest in fashion designing and fashion illustration. Parallelly she continued her love with art and painting more as a hobby. Her professional turning point came when she enrolled into the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in early 2012, where she honed her skills and learnt finer nuances of her craft. Her creative insights easily connects with nature and human psychology. She displays myriad moods and human emotions using various body parts in her compositions. The complex elements are carefully chosen and brought out in highly perceptible manner. She uses primary colours in her works although she has also experimented with rare shades. Her creative output truly reflects her experiences of life which emanate from travelling, observing, and meeting people.

Vijaya Born in 1972 Delhi, did her  B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Art) from College of Art, Delhi University,  Commercial Art from I.T.I. (Delhi Administration) Govt. of N.C.T. Delhi,  B.A. (P) from Delhi University, &  M.A. (Painting) from Jiwaji University, Gwalior (M.P.). Vijaya art works was exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions including Nehru Centre, London, Org. by Indian Art  Circle Kolkata, at Centro Culturale Altinets/SanGaetano,Padava, Italy, ''Contemporary Indian Mask  2012''.Org. by ICCR Govt. of India & Primo Tenca,(president of the culture association  “Vivi il Borgo”)   Perugia, Italy.(Coordinator of “Nav  Siddhartha Art Group”, Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery, New Delhi, Green Wood Art Gallery, New Delhi, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, at Lokayat Art Gallery, Delhi Curated by Neetu Ambani and Renuka, at AIFACS, New Delhi. She is PRESENTLY WORKING WITH Nav Siddhartha Art Group Delhi, as Life Member. Her works are in the collection many pvt. Collection in India and Abroad. Artist Lives and works in New Delhi.

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