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Venue : Central Park, Connaught Place
Sahitya Kala Parishad Youth Festival 2019 Artists

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Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi
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Metro : Rajiv Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line and Blue Line)
Area : Connaught Place (CP)

Event Description : 
Sahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture and Languages, Government of Delhi Cordially invite you for the "Youth Festival 2019" The 6-day long extravaganza  will be a celebration of music, dance, theatre and arts.

There is also a kala mela during the fest with artist camp exhibition and demonstration of paintings, portraits, calligraphy, caricature and pottery

The Youth Festival is one such big platform that showcases the rich cultural legacies of our country. The audience will get to witness an exciting lineup of artists performing dance, music, and street plays on a single stage.

On the first day of the festival, people will get mesmerized by the larger than life puppet show by Puran Bhatt and his group. They will continue their performances on the second and third day as well. Other artists and performances on first will include Jan Akansha Pratishthan (NGO), then a street play by Guru Govind Singh College of Commerce (Home Sweet Home). Youth band Aamil will play soulful music, as well as Bollywood, hit dancing numbers and some Sufi fusions. Classical music Rudraksham - Percussion & String Ensemble by P. Vetri Boopathyis also a part of the program. Later, Aadhunik Unit of Contemporary Dance will present their act. Folk dance Bhangra by SGND Khalsa will create a wave of enthusiasm among the audience. Later, classical dance like Kathakali by Rajendran Pillai and Meenu Thakur’s Kuchipudi Ensemble will be presented.

On the second day, performances by Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre, Sri Aurobindo College (ZabanSambhal K), Manzil Mystics, Violin Ensemble by disciples of Kalamamani V.S.K. Chakrapani, Urshilla Dance Company, Maitreyi (Haryanvi), Anita Babu(Odissi) and Apala Verma - Jal (Kathak) will be the focus of the evening.

The third day will have a line-up of yet another talented artists and organizations like Salaam Baalak Trust (NGO), Mukhauta - The Dramatics Society of Shaheed Rajguru College. Youth band Khirkee 17, Vocal Ensemble by Technia Institute of Dance, Music and Fine Arts, Rohini, Kalalayam School of Dance and Performing Arts, Nanda Kumar, Gargi, DolluKunitha, Manipuri Dhol Chollam, Disciples of Sri Mangoljao Singh and Amaiza- A melange of Indian Classical dance Styles.

On the fourth day Dadi Pudumjee’s puppet show, then a performance by Music Basti, Integrated Development Education Association, a street play by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Youth band Bhor Band will also be a part of this festival. This will be followed by a  Flue Ensemble by Ajay Prasanna, contemporary dance by Kuleshwar Kumar Thakur, a Rajasthani folk dance by Annhadfrom Daulat Ram College,and classical dance by JayalakshmiEshwar, Thematic Group Dance and Mohiniyattam by DeeptiBhalla.

The list of artists and organizations on the fifth day includes a puppet show by Dadi Pudumjee, a performance by Kathakar Trust, street play by Maharaja Agrasen College (Abnormal), a Sufi performance by Riyaaz, a youth band. In classical music ensembles, there will be Sitars of India by Disciples of Pt. PrateekChaudhuri, Tanva Creative Dance Ensemble for contemporary dance forms. Folk dance Sambalpuri will be presented by Nupur, the Indian Classical and Folk Dance Society of Kamala Nehru College. Later, Aparajita Sarmaa Bharatanatyam artiste will perform Mrigtrishna: Theme of never-ending desires. And Jayaprabha Menon will present Mohiniyattam.

The last day of the festival will have a great line-up of performances like larger than life puppet show by Dadi Pudumjee, Benevolent Guild of India Trust, street play by Janaki Devi Memorial College (Sapno Ka Bojha), youth band - The Tathagat Project, Sarangi Ensemble byMurad Ali, contemporary dance by Anveshana Society for Performing Arts, Kalbeliya folk dance by Motilal Nehru College, classical dance by T. Reddi Lakshmi, Thematic Presentation and Abhyas, Disciples of Pt. Krishan Mohan Mishra

The Youth Festival will feature a wide variety of talents from across genres.  Both, eminent artists and upcoming talents will come together to participate in this grand celebration of youth.

Schedule : 

22nd February 2019
o   Puran Bhatt
o   Jan Akansha Pratishthan
o   Guru Govind Singh College of Commerce (Home Sweet Home)
o   Aamil - The Band- The Band "Aamil" formed in February 2016 consist of seven members. The band and its member are dedicated towards the idea of perfect entertainment, they play soulful music, as well as Bollywood, hit dancing numbers and some Sufi fusions.
o   Rudraksham - Percussion & String Ensemble by P. Vetri Boopathy– A group of 6 musicians leaded by P. Vetriboopathy will perform 2 items (a) Rudra - Taalamaadi, set to revatiraagamand (b) Thunder - in Taalam - chatusraekam , set to raagam - Miya malhar.
o   Aadhunik Unit of Contemporary Dance
o   SGND Khalsa, Bhangra
o   Rajendran Pillai, Kathakali
o   Meenu Thakur Kuchipudi Ensemble – Will present to items. First, DurgaStuti depicts Goddess Durga; the protector of the three worlds. When the three worlds were engulfed by darkness, from the clouds of divinity, arose the Goddess, who protected her devotees. Second is the Krishna Leela

23rd February 2019
o   Puran Bhatt
o   Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre
o   Sri Aurobindo College (ZabanSambhal K)
o   Manzil Mystics
o   Violin Ensemble by disciples of Kalamamani V.S.K. Chakrapani - Kalaimamani Shri V.S.K. ChakrapnaiHails from traditional music family a lineage of violin maestro Late. Kumbakonam Shri Rajamanikkam Pillai.  He is a disciple of Late Shri Sundaresan Pillai, KalaimamaniSikkil Shri R Bhaskaran&Kalaimamani Smt. T.R. Navaneetham.   A Top Grade Artist of All India Radio &Doordarshan, he retired as staff Artist of All India Radio, New Delhi. He is also empanelled with the ICCR, and has performed globally
o   Urshilla Dance Company
o   Maitreyi, Haryanvi
o   Anita Babu, Odissi
o   ApalaVerma - Jal (Kathak) - ApalaVerma is a trained kathak dancer for past 10 years under Guru Nandini Singh Jione of the famous exponents of Jaipur gharana. She is has also been trained in jazz, contemporary and ballet from dance culture performing arts academy. underPritpal Singh ji.  

24th February 2019
o   Puran Bhatt
o   Salaam Baalak Trust
o   ShaheedRajguru College (The Dark Room) - Mukhauta - The Dramatics Society of ShaheedRajguru College. Mukhauta is enough to portray all the fun and loving memories. Mukhauta was established six years ago in the year 2012 and since then it's working day to day to contribute even a little bit to the society.
o   Khirkee 17
o   Vocal Ensemble by Technia Institute of Dance, Music and Fine Arts, Rohini
o   Kalalayam School of Dance and Performing Arts, Nanda Kumar
o   Gargi, DolluKunitha
o   Manipuri DholChollam, Discples of Sri Mangoljao Singh
o   Amaiza- A melange of Indian Classical dance Styles

25th February 2019
o   DadiPadamjee
o   Music Basti, Integrated Developmemt Education Association
o   Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
o   Bhor Band - Escaping the run of the mill life that is designed for Sumit, Dany and Akash for something that they live for demands a fresh start, a new beginning. Hence, the name BhorThe First Light is chosen to herald the beginning of a new phase in their lives, a new band whose main aim is to make people ‘experience’ music, not merely hear it. 
o   Flue Ensemble - Ajay Prasanna
o   Kuleshwar Kumar Thakur
o   Daulat Ram, Rajasthani - Annhad is a well-known Indian classical and folk dance society of Daulat Ram College,  Delhi University which was founded four years back. Annhad, like its name is limitless and has achieved great height with just four years of coming into its existence. Annhad has not only competed in Delhi University's Indian dance circuit but also in various other institutions like IIT Kanpur,  IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, NSIT Kurukshetra etc.
o   Jaya lakshmi Eshwar, Thematic Group Dance
o   Deepti Bhalla, Mohini yattam

26th February 2019
o   Dadi Padamjee
o   Kathakar Trust
o   Maharaja Agrasen College (Abnormal)
o   Riyaaz, The Sufi Band
o   Sitars of India - Disciples of Pt. Prateek Chaudhuri
o   Tanva Creative Dance Ensemble
o   Kamla Nehru, Sambalpuri - Nupur, the Indian Classical and Folk Dance Society of Kamala Nehru College is one of the oldest societies of this college. Currently, Nupur consist of 9 members in the folk group whereas 6 members in the classical group. Over the past years, Nupur has performed a number of folk dance forms of India including Lavani, Chhari, Dandiya, etc. 
o   Aparajita Sarma, Mrigtrishna: Theme of never ending desires – Aparajita Sarma, is a Bharatanatyam artiste, daughter and disciple of Guru Smt Kanaka Sudhakar. As a performing artiste, she has performed widely in India and abroad in various prestigious platforms and has been honored with titles like Natvar Gopi Krishna, Nritya Nivedita and  KalaVaibhavi  to recognize her hard work. She has received senior scholarship from SKP, is a graded Doordarshan artiste., empaneled with ICCR for teaching and performing in abroad centres and has completed her masters in Bharatanatyam.
o   Jayaprabha Menon – Mohini yattam

27th February 2019
o   Dadi Padamjee
o   Benevolent Guild of India Trust
o   Janaki Devi Memorial College (Sapno Ka Bojha)
o   The Tathagat Project
o   Sarangi Ensemble - Murad Ali
o   Anveshana Society for Performing Arts
o   Motilal Nehru College, Kalbeliya
o   T. Reddi Lakshmi, Thematic Presentation
o   Abhyas, Disciples of Pt. Krishan Mohan Mishra

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