ART EXHIBITION : Gurgaon Fiine Arts presents "Conversation With colours" A solo art show by Kamal Devnath > 11am-7pm on 16th to 22nd November 2018

Venue : All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg
Paintings Kamal Devnath
Paintings by Kamal Devnath
Time : 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Add to Calendar 16/11/2018 11:00 22/11/2018 19:00 Asia/Kolkata ART EXHIBITION : Gurgaon Fiine Arts presents "Conversation With colours" A solo art show by Kamal Devnath Event Page : Gallery D, All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi DD/MM/YYYY - Exhibition on View

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Venue : Gallery D, All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi
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Event Description : ART EXHIBITION : Gurgaon Fiine Arts presents "Conversation With colours" A solo art show by Kamal Devnath 

Curated By Aakshat Sinha 

Through this initiative, Kamal has taken it upon himself to impart the requisite technical and creative understanding of painting and arts to art lovers in an environment that promotes experimentation in arts and learning in a multiple-art centric environment. 
An artist recreates and presents the reality that is visible to him through his own personal point of view. The artist is a philosopher, a person who attempts to capture the nuances of the visions of nature, life and the unseen on to the canvas or paper, using the mediums available to him after processing the data captured by his eyes, processed through his sensibilities, and expressed using technical abilities.

About His Art work

Kamal Devnath’s works are figurative and at times semi-abstracts renditions of the world around. Hailing originally from Kolkata, he lived and worked in the quaint little town Saharanpur, in eastern Uttar Pradesh. After taking voluntary retirement from corporate life, he focused on his childhood talent and despite being a self-taught artist, embarked on a journey to paint and exhibit extensively. His first exhibition was held in Dubai and very well received. Since then he has been a part of over 60 group shows and held 11 solo shows. His move from Saharanpur to Gurugram a few years back, helped widen his horizons.

Being a self-taught artist, he has honed his skills through experimentation. The use of different media and at times mixed media on the same canvas is a result of him developing his own techniques to get the desired results. Realism attracts him and it reflects in his works. Although his realistic, figurative works are evidently of high technical value but it is the compositions that he creates using the figures and juxtaposing them against each other that attract the viewer and hold his gaze.

Of his entire body of works, there are a few that stand out for me - ‘Naayika’, ‘Friends’, ‘Aastha’ and ‘Rhythm of emotions’

‘Naayika’ captures the heroine in different moods of reflection. The figure seems to be in various moods and many a times in a reflective state. The strength of the composition makes the ‘naayika’ the true heroine of the painting and all the other elements support the meditative state that she seems to be in. The features are very typical and the eyes more so. Over the years, Kamal’s muse has evolved as individuals of their own desire and meaning. The way her eyes are featured is very typical and shows a semi-meditative state, almost akin to the self-reflective mode of the Budhha himself. With passing years and through repeated experimentation, he has been able to reduce the lines and strokes used to depict the eyes. Culminating today, in almost a single bold stroke followed by a few brush lines in precision to give the ‘naayika’ its true identity. In this series his effort seems to have been to bring out the inner beauty of the ‘naayika’.

‘Friends’ at times might seem like an extension of his ‘naayika’ series but it is much more than that. It is not only about the interpersonal relationship between the ‘friends’ but also focuses on their activities. On their joint activities which can range from a highly active state of playing together to a very dormant one, of simply sitting together. Even in the dormant state they seem to be just about to break into action while in the active ones they seem to have collectively paused. The naivety and innocence of the friendship bond is quite apparent. So is the comfort of the ‘friends’ in the company of the others. The dynamic movements of the fun factor are well documented in his ‘friends’ series.

In the ‘aastha’ series Kamal has used his son’s face in different compositions and to enhance the beauty of belief and faith using the innocent yet playful narrative of a child’s perspective and view. The works, though not all, are generally very detailed. Almost hyper-realistic. Kamal’s technical abilities allow him to focus more on the composition and on what to depict through this series rather than just about getting the realism down to the T. The smiling face greets us in different avatars, as a kathakali dancer or as even a young priest. In this series when not using his son as the muse, Kamal uses the semi-abstract forms to depict the deity – as a myth and/or reality. ‘Durga’ is one such work.

Kamal is a musician at heart and the rhythmic nature shows in all his works and in his use of lines, contours and colours. His series ‘Rhythm of emotions’ brings together music and emotions. The representation of music and rhythm through direct and symbolic motifs allows for viewer’s interpretation of the images thus created. The human presence makes alive the composition with musical notes and instruments in conjunction. The semi-abstract nature of these works is in contrast to his relatively realistic depiction in his other series.

Kamal believes that Art should not be limited to him and therefore believes in imparting his skill. He considers art as a significant method of manifestation for students to bring forth their originality and have creative instincts.  According to him, cadence in art is the flowing together of head, heart and hand as all three - intellect, feeling and actions, come together to create masterpieces.

The curated show shall also host a range of art and art related events across the seven days. On 16th of November Kamal and Amit Dutt (artist and poet) will come together to create an evening filled with poetry, colours and music. On 17th of November an Open talk will be held under the guidance of senior artist S.K.Sahni. The talk will revolve around inner resistance versus external forces with respect to creativity. A very important topic for all artists engaged in all forms of arts, we will try to address the ‘elephant in the room’ that nobody wishes to acknowledge exists. On 18th November Ruchi Goyal Kaura and Sandeep Verma (Cobalt Blue Inc) will conduct an interactive walk at the show in their series ‘Art of Seeing’ - Story of the artist. The walk will be followed by Poetry Open Mic (in English, Hindi and Urdu) where poets from all walks of life will present their original poems. On 21st November Kamal will jam with Sangeeta Gupta ji (poet, artist, film maker) and present a colourful ‘jugalbandi’ of verse and music.

The show will try to bridge the gap between art and the art lovers, and also help reconnect the diverse forms of art. The artist, Kamal Devnath and the curator, Aakshat Sinha will be available in the gallery from 11 am to 7 pm daily. There will be curated walks everyday at 4pm conducted by the artist and the curator of the show giving details of specific works and stories from behind the scenes.

Kamal Devnath Profile 

Kamal Devnath an indian artist , Loves Color, Born in Kolkata and presently based in Gurgaon. Kamal has been painting since childhood and is a happy go lucky man with a playful heart.

He does art as an extension of himself and believes it does not need an explanation or give out a message; rather it should talk directly to its audience and touch the heart.

Realistic art is his forte and is known for his commissioned thematic portraits.He paints figurative and semi abstracts and loves splashes of color and talks to you in a language without words. Kamal has evolved a distinct style of his own and keeps experimenting with the new. His palette is continuously evolving. 

“Anything that excites me for any reason, I will paint; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.”

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ART EXHIBITION : Gurgaon Fiine Arts presents "Conversation With colours" A solo art show by Kamal Devnath > 11am-7pm on 16th to 22nd November 2018 ART EXHIBITION : Gurgaon Fiine Arts presents "Conversation With colours" A solo art show by Kamal Devnath > 11am-7pm on 16th to 22nd November 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Thursday, November 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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