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ART EXHIBITION : NDMC presents "Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride III” A group art Show Part II > 10th to 27th August 2018

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Venue : Janpath Subway, Outer Circle, Cannught Place
NDMC Triumph Masterworks National Pride group art Show Exhibition Artworks

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Entry : Free

Venue : Janpath Subway, Outer Circle, Cannught Place, New Delhi-110001
Landmark : Entry from N Block
Venue Info : Nearest Metro Station - 'Rajiv Chowk' (Yellow Line and Blue Line)
Area : Connaught Place (CP)

Event Description : ART EXHIBITION : New Delhi Municipal Council presents “Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride III” A group art Show Part II
Celebrating Independence Day

Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride III, part II is a group art exhibition showcasing senior and mid career artists of India, who are constantly working on their individualistic style and already making marks in this field contributing legacy to Indian art scenario. This exhibition is a significant part of celebrating 72st Independence Day this year presented by New Delhi Municipal Council and organized and curated by Kishore Labar. Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride presents  32 contemporary artists from India, who are effectively exploring various methods, materials and techniques for year after year, producing distinctive artworks and regularly showcasing their experimental outcome in a range of forms like drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and many more. 

Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride highlights the passionate creation of working artists who are committed to their art and express their insightful views about life and time through unique visual interpretation that adds delightful pride to the nation. Celebrating 72st Independence Day means to celebrate our progress and advancement in every aspect of our living life and notion. As art is an all embracing notion that plays significant role in development of human mind, artists offer diverse range of creative impression reflecting the original state of growth and enrichment of a developing country; organizing art event as a part of celebrating independence featuring creative achievement by the artists represents the idea of rising India… expanding India……attaining India.

 “According to ‘Sukracharya niti’, art is a way of refining and cleansing the innerself, helping in ‘nadi shuddhi’. Art at one point converges with the role  of yoga, where both,  make the impact  subliminally”
Art is a need  today, its role in life has been accepted since ancient times. The work of art, is the communion with the object of contemplation and not, the imitation of the other creator’s work. The artist struggles and aspires to imitate his own felt ideas and his mind, through his renderings, manifesting in master strokes. Translation of creator’s felt experiences in the grammar of line, form, colour, texture and space in the way singular to him results in master strokes. The creation reflects the uniqueness of the individual self, of what one sees, perceives, contemplates and meditates. It is a response to the call of the inner free soul, whispering the unheard and the unseen, an amalgamation of the conscious and the subconscious resulting in release and peace. The creation resulting into a delightful spiritual sailing, first for the  creator himself and then the appreciator (viewer), where the voyage gives the taste of other worldliness. It is here, where the genesis of the exhibition ‘ Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride  ’ lies  creating the opportunity for the viewer to submerge in the trance while identifying  with the masterly strokes  in the work of the artists such as Amit Datt | Anita Tanwar | Anita Dinesh | | Asur Ved | A.K. Azad | Akshay Verma | Balwinder Tanwar | Bhaskar Singha |  Chhaya Dubey | Dinesh Baduni | Chandana Bhattacharjee | Hansa Milan Kumar | Jatin Chaudhary | Kumud Grover | Kusum Jain | Kishore Roy | Mamoon Nomani / Manju Narain |  Manisha Jain | Mohmood Ahmad | Nawal Kishore | Priyadarshi Gautam | Prince Chand | Padmini  Mehta | Pallavi | R. K.Yadav | Ramesh Yadav | Sonam Sikarwar | Suresh Kumar | Shalini Goyal | Vimal Chand | Vijaya Ved 

Curated by Shri Kishore Labar 

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ART EXHIBITION : NDMC presents "Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride III” A group art Show Part II > 10th to 27th August 2018 ART EXHIBITION : NDMC presents "Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride III” A group art Show Part II > 10th to 27th August 2018 Reviewed by Rohit Malik on Monday, August 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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