ART EXHIBITION "Lamina" a solo show of recent paintings by Manish Pushkale > 13th August to 14th September 2018

Venue : Akar Prakar, First Floor, D-43 Defence Colony
Paintings Manish Pushkale
Paintings by Manish Pushkale

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Venue : Akar Prakar, First Floor, D-43 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
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EXHIBITION : Akar Prakar Gallery presents "Lamina" a solo show of recent paintings by Manish Pushkale

Delhi-based Manish Pushkale’s new show LAMINA transcends form and colour to achieve a luminous abstraction inspired by foliation, fossils and lost languages

Born in 1973 in Bhopal, Pushkale received his master’s degree in Geology from MVM College, Bhopal. Training to be a geologist during college, he went through detailed microscopic study of rocks and minerals. “It is always interesting to see the microscopic version of what we perceive through our retina. With our naked eyes, what we see firstly of anything is merely its uppermost skin. Our sense of recognition is based on the physical properties of any visual. But the microscopic study of same is a shocking experience to realise what we haven't seen. It gives us an idea of its organic inside. Naturally then, my works deals with the ‘site and sight of the inside’,” says Pushkale, who has no formal training in art but has brewed a language of abstraction which carries an imprint of his own.

Puhskale’s works are a play of formal dichotomies like those of light-shade, mark-erasure, form-formless, restraint-excess, control-indulgence, they have at the present, matured into a state that confronts and assimilates the contrasts to achieve a state of refined harmony.

Says Reena Lath, Director, Akar Prakar: “Pushkale’s commitment to his practice is not only deep and intense but ingrained with a good measure of sensitivity to colour and balance, he is able to bring life to his work as they draw the viewer into a world that is completely his and fresh. His art is never loud, but subtle abstraction of rhythm and vibrations which are endearing.”

Pushkale says: “Everything in nature exists in the form of foliation and foliation is a natural pattern developed by deposition. Foliation and deposition gradually work together against exfoliation and erosion which are themselves natural processes. Nature carries this oxymoron in itself. My paintings are like a novel of erosion and deposition of colours, which is like human sentiments, where confirmations and confrontations co-exist.”

At the same time, the series of paintings in Lamina uses a colour palette which is minimal and cannot be identified under the definition of its commercial recognition. He uses the process of layering which can sometimes go up to 40 or 50 layers. “The finality of my painting is based on the resonance and the volume of its transparency. It finally becomes a voluminous chorus.” 

Pushkale is also inspired by paleontology or the science of fossils, another interesting aspect of geology.  “For me, fossils are not just a specimen of something, but it is also a symbol of frozen time. Sometimes they look like sculptures. The forms you see in my painting are mostly inspired from this natural process of fossilization and buried in layers of colour. My paintings are like a fossil site and their interpretation is akin to excavation. I want to convert everyone to interpreter/excavator, one who is keen on secrets of civilization.” 

Very often, Pushkale uses words from different languages as a symbol of lost narratives. He has dedicated this whole series, on which he has been working from last seven years to Ganesh Devy, a scholar working on the process of extinction of dialects and languages from society in a clinical manner. “I had read one of his papers years ago and that left me restless. Since then, I have been collecting such letters from many places, countries and continents. And I use them like a fossilized, forgotten structure. Like a mystery. These are the words without context, lost their life in unknown political contests.” 

Writes art historian Ranjit Hoskote about Pushkale’ works: “His mysterious new works seem to have been shaped from skins of light, subtle tissues of alternate translucence and opacity that shimmer before us, hinting at pellucid depths. For a moment, we forget that we are looking at two-dimensional works mounted on a wall. It appears, instead, that we are gazing down into the waters of a river or lake, at the action of gentle currents and lightly disturbed alluvial sediments, or the memories of water. At the core of Pushkale’s subtly nuanced art is a quest for what I would describe as the lamina, a membrane that mediates between above and below, self and other, terrestrial here and magical there. A membrane that could take the form of a wash on paper, a thin layer of cloth, a tinge of colour, a touch of light speckled on shadows.”

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ART EXHIBITION "Lamina" a solo show of recent paintings by Manish Pushkale > 13th August to 14th September 2018 ART EXHIBITION "Lamina" a solo show of recent paintings by Manish Pushkale > 13th August to 14th September 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Friday, September 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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