EXHIBITION "Stories From Life and Time" a group art show > 11am-7:30pm on 2nd to 20th June 2018

Venue : AMPAS Art Gallery, 374, Sultanpur, MG Road
Stories From Life Time group show AMPAS Art Gallery Artworks

Time : 11:00 am - 7:30 pm (Tuesdays Closed) Add to Calendar 02/06/2018 11:00 20/06/2018 19:30 Asia/Kolkata EXHIBITION "Stories From Life and Time" a group art show Event Page : https://www.delhievents.com/2018/06/exhibition-stories-from-life-and-time-group-art-show-ampas-gallery-sultanpur.html AMPAS Art Gallery, 374, Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi -110030 DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free

Venue : AMPAS Art Gallery, 374, Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi -110030
Landmark : Near Pillar No. 11 B
Venue Info : ampasartgallery.com | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Sultanpur(Yellow Line)'

Event Description : EXHIBITION "Stories From Life and Time" a group art show Featuring artists like Bhuwal Prasad, Deepak Khandelwal, Deepti Gupta, Jaiprakash Chouhan, Navakash, Niraja Bhuwal, Priyanka Waghela, Shuvendu Sarkar, Sunil Kumar, Surajit Biswas and Vandana Kothari who participated in workshop.The idea of the exhibition is to highlight and showcase the works of these artists who had chosen on merit of their work and their presence on the art-scene.

The show has contemporary seekers brought together with their unique voices each telling a story from their times and lives through the mirrors of their loci. Over the journey through the artists’ experiences , perceptions, times and paradigms; as their memories pour into the moulds of moments creating this and other worldly stories, their view takes us to their stories to relive them in our own worlds with our memories.

Art has always been one of the most widely used mediums for expressing the plight in India.Through the medium of art exhibition artist's purpose is of spreading art and culture by providing a platform to the artists to showcase their talent and their unique contribution to society.

AMPAS Art Gallery being the epitome of art and culture influencers in the country houses this edition. Giving the evening a perfect mood and charm for imaginations to take flight upto 2nd June from 11:00 a.m. onwards. 

About Artists : 

Vandana Kothari - A sensitive visionary deeply introspective of the feminist viewpoint, her work explores the contemporary world and women’s place within it. Her work is defiant and conformist in the same breath and her tongue in cheek is questioning as well as evocative. Mistress of the collage medium, she expresses this tumult with her “I am’ series of collages, accepting while pondering the individuals place in the apparently ordered scheme of things.

Surajit Biswas - Beguilingly simple and ingeniously detailed, he weaves deliberate patterns of vivid abstraction. Playing with the figurative as well as space, he metaphors energy and sound waves, mirroring the universe; movement as well as the daily and the personal, all of which reflect his peering within. With two intricate works with the circuitous intensity of black ink, and the buoy of transcendental yellow, he conjures his world and tale of answers and questions.

Bhuwal Prasad - Forever intrigued by tribal cultures and rituals, he incorporates these into his art, sometimes eliciting a cacophony of colors while sometimes finding that baser expression in black and white. With a method to the madness, he begins with a design and theme and lets it evolve and take on its own form.

Navakash - Fuses abstract forms together with near transcendental cohesion, choosing angular to circular of kaleidoscopic  intensity; as the dizzying forms suggest themselves to our senses capturing us unawares, equally provocative are his colours which burst and contrast and unswervingly lift Navaksh’s stories to us till we the visual reverberates with our own exposed unconscious.

Deepak Khandelwal – With his distinct figurative and gleeful shadow work, he conjures  mesmerising and titillating images that appear deceptively unaffected. With ‘Can you see me’, he challenges the viewer’s ever-changing perception as his unforgettable  central figure does the same within his universe.

Priyanka Waghela - Combing hues of nature with feminine sensuality, she creates her own penumbral cosmos of colourfulness and colourlessness in the same stroke, showcasing her trickery in exploding shades where you expect blankness and making stark the gregarious. Motifs of endings and timeless reminiscences reverberate through the artist all the way to our nostalgia tinted senses with her ruminative ‘The Dawn’ and ‘Song from Flowers’.

Deepti Gupta - Though a figurative painter, she is a self avowed executor of colours as her most pivotal element; which is amply perceivable when confronted with her dazzling creation which arrests the senses and metamorphoses before seeing eyes. With earthy themes like homely and wild creatures, she spins her exuberant visages with dancing shapes which are contemplative, yet relatable and progressive.

Niraja Bhuwal - Drawn to natural materials and symbols, Niraja likes to create realistically and recreate again in abstract. Whichever of these forms that she chooses, metaphor and express the ordinary she sees around her, transmutes into her extraordinary language. Like her exquisite canvas intricately detailed and endlessly layered.

Shuvendu Sarkar - As at ease with the surreal as with the contemporary, his work is strikingly diverse as he creates differing worlds with aplomb. This work showcases his expert craftsmanship and lays testimony to his prowess as a conjurer.

Sunil Kumar - Exploring themes and mediums are ways he finds his artistic utterances transcended. With surreal works so finely crafted as to be perplexingly believable; his intricate and vibrant sketches spin otherworldly yarns. His collection of sketches showcased here creates and calls upon a new dimension with its rules and laws much like our inner worlds.

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EXHIBITION "Stories From Life and Time" a group art show > 11am-7:30pm on 2nd to 20th June 2018 EXHIBITION "Stories From Life and Time" a group art show > 11am-7:30pm on 2nd to 20th June 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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