FILM 'Banaras: Ka'aba-e-Hindostan: Ghalib's Ode to Banaras: Charagh-e-dair' > 6:30pm on 17th February 2018

Venue :  India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), 87/88, Lodhi Estate
Banaras Kaaba Hindostan Ghalib Film Beenu Rajpoot Creative
Time : 6:30 pm Add to Calendar 17/02/2018 18:30 17/02/2018 20:00 Asia/Kolkata FILM 'Banaras: Ka'aba-e-Hindostan: Ghalib's Ode to Banaras: Charagh-e-dair' Event Page : India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), 87/88, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110003 DD/MM/YYYY

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Venue : India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC), 87/88, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110003

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Event Description : 
FILM : Beenu Rajpoot Films Presents Screening of 'Banaras: Ka'aba-e-Hindostan: Ghalib's Ode to Banaras: Charagh-e-dair' A Tribute to Eminent Urdu Poet MIRZA GHALIB and a multi-faceted actor late TOM ALTER by Delhi based filmmaker BEENU RAJPOOT (Her films are based on Indian Art & Culture and literature with thought-provoking message to society)

About the Film:

·        KA’ABA – A – HINDOSTAN is based upon the journey of Mirza Ghalib to Banaras while he was on his way from Delhi to Calculate to petition with the British for resumption of his royal pension. This film is based upon his Persian Masnavi “Charagh – e – dair” in which he openly declared his love and respect towards Banaras - the holy city of Hindus. He was so impressed with Banaras cultural where he openly call it Ka’aba of Hindostan in his masnavi “Charagh – e – dair”. We are showing very beautiful Banaras through the eyes of Ghalib. And this is the first film have been made in India on his Masnavi “Charagh–e–Dair”

·        Ghalib's Charagh – e – dair masnavi is, through the prism of Bananas, an ode to the spirit of secularism, plurality, co-existence of cultures that defines Indianness. Even though proud of his Turkish ancestry, here was Ghalib, a liberal mystic, paying obeisance to Banaras, the holy city of the Hindus, in the most evocative and poetic manner. This masnavi has 108 verses, similar to the 108 beads in a Hindu rosary. Background to this masnavi: Enraptured by the serene beauty of Banaras and the Ganges, this masnavi was written when Ghalib extended his originally one night plans to spend over a month in this holy city

BEENU RAJPUT - the filmmaker

·        Born and brought up in Punjab, Beenu Rajpoot, Multitalented personality, An Intelligent film maker, Fashion designer, Pictorial Photographer, Philosophical thinker, written two books on Photography, write journal for several institutes, a creative fashion designer and postgraduate in philosophy. In the year 1999, she came to Delhi for further studies in Film making and Fashion. After finished her further diplomas she settled down in Delhi.

·        Films have been her passion from childhood. She used to watch “Lekhu” and “Udaan” regularly and try to find out the techniques of making of serial like excited kid. She belongs to small town of Punjab, where Film making and Fashion designing was not very familiar carrier to adopt. Moreover it was very hard to understand by the family and as well as by the society at that time of span. But she finished her Masters first in philosophy from Punjab University, then went further for Film and fashion studies to Delhi.

·        The famous Film maker Mr Mike H Pandey, Padmashri Kathak Guru Shovana Narayan and renowned photographer Shri O P Sharma is her Guru. These Gurus have a very important role in her life. When her Guru Mike saw her creativity in photography he encouraged her to jump into films.

·        Most of her films are based on Indian Art & Culture and literature with thought-provoking message to society. She thoroughly research the subject before filming. Because she believes that “Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it”.

·        Working for a cause: Beyond films she is regularly working for a cause to the society with her two non-commercial organizations with the name of “Precious Planet Charitable Trust’’ DELHI and “Bhartiya KalaSanskriti Foundation” Delhi.

·        Her Films: (1) Born to Dance: A glimpse into the life of dancer - 2016, (2) Wall of Valour: A tribute to Martyrs - 2017, (3) Mera Safer: Ali Sardar Jafri - 2016, (4) Banaras: Ka’abe-e-Hindostan: Ghalib’s Ode to Banaras - 2017, (5) Mapping Kathak Villages: Kathik Log to Kathak Dance - 2018. Her films (1) Lasaya Lakshmi: Bharti Shivaji, (2) Vanaras: The Sacred city of world, (3) Honey Bees – Flying insect  (4) Kerala: Land of beauty are under process, while her upcoming films include; (1) Main Hindi hoon: Journey of hindi language, (2) Punjab: Essence of five rivers, (3) Master of Masters: Pt. Birju Maharaj, (4) Khazuraho: The heritage of India, (5) Wall of Valour series, (6) Colours of Dull lake: Kashmir and (7) The Dancing Shiva : Natraja.

· In order to preserve these elements, sensible and knowledgeable films, could do miracles. Research is first step of every documentary film, if your research is so not interested, then you never can find something interesting into the subject. Being a filmmaker she think no art passes our conscience in a way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls, says Beenu Rajpoot. Filmmaking is a powerful medium and it’s important that documentary filmmakers continue to use it to talk about social issues, push their agendas, and more. Mainly she works on documentary films, Art films and research based films but soon she will start working on feature film as well.

·        According to Beenu, “Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.” Storytelling documentary expands our understanding of shared human experience, fostering an informed, compassionate, and connected world.

Duration 30 minutes, Language: Urdu - Hindi Mix

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FILM 'Banaras: Ka'aba-e-Hindostan: Ghalib's Ode to Banaras: Charagh-e-dair' > 6:30pm on 17th February 2018 FILM 'Banaras: Ka'aba-e-Hindostan: Ghalib's Ode to Banaras: Charagh-e-dair' > 6:30pm on 17th February 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, February 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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