Delhi Karavan presents Dilli Kaagaz ke Panno'n mei'n - Heritage Baithak at Lodhi Gardens, Lodi Estate, Lodhi Road > 5pm-7:30pm on 15th June 2014

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Entry : CHARGES: Rs.300 per person
1) Dress comfortablycottons keeping the weather in view.
2) A bottle of water.
HOW TO REACH: Limited parking is available at Lodhi Garden Parking. Nearest Metro is Jawaharlal lal Nehu Stadium/ Khan Market.
Contact : 9818278665 (Asif Khan Dehlvi)

Meeting Place : Lodhi Garden's main Entrance (Satpula side) on Subhramaniyam Bharti Marg

Place : Lodhi Gardens, Lodi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Stations - 'Jor Bagh(Yellow Line)' & 'Khan Market(Violet Line)'

Event Description : Delhi Karavan presents Dilli Kaagaz ke Panno'n mei'n - Heritage Baithak.

“One Sunday morning in February 1995, I boarded an auto-rickshaw to visit some of the ancient sites of Shahdara in east Delhi. Unfortunately–or fortunately as it turned out–the rickshaw driver lost his way. After we had made several circles through the dense winter smog on the east side of the Yamuna river, I told him to stop the vehicle and drop me wherever we were…I had arrived in Welcome.” Unsettling Memories, Emma Tarlo, 2003

Karavan Musafirs, do you know how many books have been written on our beloved Dilli ? Hundreds or maybe thousands, well even we do not have the exact count! Right from publications of ancient history of this walled city released by Archaeology Dept. to Sam Miller's 'Delhi : Adventures of Megacity', Raza Rumi sahab's' Delhi by Heart' or Dalrymple's 'City of Djinns' to Arvind Adiga's Gurgaon in 'WhiteTiger', the city throws unusual vistas for each and everyone. Delhi has been presented in various tongues, visions, styles and structures. Then there are famous authors belonging to Delhi, Amrita Pritam to Khushwant Singh, to inspiration for Bollywood Chetan Bhagat, .Many writers have chronicled the fascinating life and times of Delhi; while for others, the city has been the setting of their stories.
Sunday, 15th May,2014, Delhi Karavan dons geeky specs and goes bookish!! We present an exclusive interactive book reading session on Delhi, its writings, its authors and everything we love about this city penned over centuries. We gather in the beautiful environs of Lodhi gardens, and our Musafirs shall share their best memories, extracts on various books on Delhi. Well that's not all, our resident story teller, Asif Khan Dehlvi shares verses from his rarest collection of books penned over by famous authors in his characterstic Urdu and Hindi and then as evening sets its hues at Lodhi Gardens, we let our friends express their interpretation of Delhi in their own words, doodle , symbol, couplet or even a sketch. Yes , you heard it right, we all give some dimension to Delhi in our own unique way on a blank white sheet :)
Imagine the joy of knowing and reading favorite verses on this mystique city called 'Delhi' , know about its prolific writers all on a sunny cheerful day. And whosoever said bookworms have a field day out?? Students, kids, dost, aunty, uncle, dada, dadi, anyone and everyone who love Delhi as much as we do, shall have some takeaway from this one. Then what are you waiting for, grab that book/ note lying on your shelf which you heart, and have a date with Delhi Karavan for an evening to remember.This is gonna be Booklicious :)

Delhi Karavan, is a team of explorers who organize heritage/food/exploratory walks in and around Delhi on a weekly basis. 

The following shall be part of event :
1. Presentation and sharing our notes on Delhi in Zabaan-E Urdu/ Hindi
2. 15-20 minutes to sketch, doodle, write a poem, or pen a couplet or simply a logo of what each of our Musafir imagines about 'Dilli'. Blank white sheets and pencils shall be provided.
3. A complied list of books written on Delhi by several authors over centuries shall be circulated to each of our Musafir at the end of the event.
4. Participation from guests/ friends, so feel free to carry your notes/ books or just about anything you wish to share about this marvellous city.

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Delhi Karavan presents Dilli Kaagaz ke Panno'n mei'n - Heritage Baithak at Lodhi Gardens, Lodi Estate, Lodhi Road > 5pm-7:30pm on 15th June 2014 Delhi Karavan presents Dilli Kaagaz ke Panno'n mei'n - Heritage Baithak at Lodhi Gardens, Lodi Estate, Lodhi Road > 5pm-7:30pm on 15th June 2014 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, June 15, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. We attended a story telling session of Delhi Karavan by Asif Khan Dehlvi organised by one of the five star hotels in Delhi to enhance the Indian dinner experience, that the hotel had hosted.for us. Everything was so wonderful- the food, the ambience, ghazals until the historian started speaking. We were extremely shocked at the way he behaved with the staff and the GM. He was completely unprofessional as he walked right off the stage putting the session to halt mid-way. The thing that was most shocking was that he calls himself a historian and he went to the extent of shaming his own country in front of foreign nationals who were present during that session at the hotel by completely disregarding the Indian theory of “atithi devo bhava”.

    We later came to know that he had also threatened the restaurant manager by saying that he was a Dhelvi (descendent of Shah Jahan) and he does like he pleases. We completely disagree with this kind of behaviour from an educated man like him for a simple request of translating his stories in English for the foreign nationals (as he was fluently speaking in English otherwise). The lady who accompanied him also pushed the GM who is much elder and was hurling abuses at the staff. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable as the hotel staff and GM were extremely calm and composed and requested them to continue to show. After this incident we can never recommend anyone using his services considering this man doesn’t know how to conduct himself in public and is definitely not fit for an industry that services the public.


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