Art exhibitions at All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg > 1st-7th April 2013

Time : 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Entry : Free

Place : All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi
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Event Description : Art shows for the week are as follows :

Exhibition 1 :
Ahaana Makkar Paintings
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(In the image above : Ahaana Makkar & her paintings)

2nd to 7th April : The exhibition titled ‘Ahaana at 5’ showcases the paintings that Ahaana, a child artist, did at the tender age of FIVE between April 2012 and March 2013.
Thus, at this remarkably young age of 5 years, Ahaana became conversant with six mediums: graphite, charcoal, pastels, classic watercolour, gouache and acrylics on supports of paper and canvas.
The show is about how far a child can go with a teacher’s careful nurturing of the skills required in Fine Art, keeping in mind age, attention span and the subject matter from the child’s point of view. Rounded off it emphasizes education through art. “If children are to participate fully in their culture, they must master this symbolic system,” says Maurice Ryder, Curator of the exhibition.
Ahaana’s parents describe their 5 year old daughter as cheerful and pleasant and one who loves to draw and paint all the time.
Ahaana is very observant and focused in her attitude towards Art. She is a quick learner and her attention span is now surprisingly good for a child of such a tender age. She can sit for hours on a painting, and is only satisfied when she has completed it to her satisfaction. She is very confident of herself and painting always makes her happy.
Ahaana’s love for Art started showing when she was only a year old; she would only scribble then (the scribbling period).  Besides Art, Ahaana loves to solve jigsaw puzzles among the other things that any five year old would enjoy doing. She is very gregarious. From attempting formal scales on the keyboard to being the youngest on the tennis court, Ahaana is a winner.
Ahaana is a student at Step by Step School in Noida. She is in the kindergarten.
Ahaana was grounded into a planned approach to drawing & painting at ART KENDRA, Noida. Here she was made aware of fundamentals like ‘Fill the frame’, and, ‘Wait till the paint is dry’ etc. Her mentors and teachers are satisfied with her results which have culminated in a thrust to put up this exhibition of her works. In no way was her individuality or originality sacrificed for formal dogmas. From the very beginning Ahaana was nurtured in ‘Art’ to bring out the best of her talent. She can sit through 1½hr sessions enjoying every moment of it, and producing works of her own invention, always determined to explore line, colour and form her own way.
This exhibition demonstrates how ‘Art’ can be used in developing a child’s personality, cure phobias, eliminate shyness and other undesirable traits like tantrums, stubbornness, poor attention span etc, and is directly connected to Art Therapy.
In fact, the fundamental tenets of art therapy involve communication, control resolution of emotional conflicts through art making (American Art Therapy Association 1996).  As one therapist commented, ‘Like dreams they (children’s drawings) are an expression of their unconscious mind, something which is not normally accessible’. Ahaana’s paintings, for one, helped her overcome shyness, putting her on the theater stage and making her healthily gregarious. The exhibition ‘Ahaana at 5’ represents a rare blend of child artistic talent and the psychological understanding of the pictorial world of the child. A must visit for parents and teachers interested in children’s future in the visual arts and education through art.
The nearly week long exhibition, 2nd  to 7th April, also includes talks on children and their art, art therapy and live demonstration  by Ahaana along with videos of her ‘work in progress’.
The exhibits speak for themselves and one can look forward to showcasing her works at the prestigious AIFACS gallery (All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society)  as an example of a ‘Child and her Art’, and that too a Solo. 
Maurice Ryder is a senior artist, independent curator, art critic, educator and writer, with four Honours from the Royal Drawing Society, London.  He is also a renowned photographer – once the official photographer to Mrs Indira Gandhi, then PM in the 70s and 80s. He was also the Bangladesh War photographer for Fort William, Bengal Area and Eastern Command then under Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora. He is the Director of Studies, Art Kendra, Noida which can boast of one of the largest and most up-to-date Libraries on art related matters. 

Exhibition 2 : 
1st to 7th April : "United Palettes" A group show of paintings and photographs at AIFACS.

1) Sachdev Mann
2) Baljit Singh
3) Bhim Singh
4) Joel Gill
5) Shakti Singh
6) Gagandeep Kaur
7) Anil Kumar
8) Neeru Dahiya

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