Art exhibitions at All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg > 1st-7th January 2013

Time : 
1st January : 
5:30 pm - Inauguration of Rajesh Harsh & group exhibition by The Eminent Yoga Guru Suneel Singh 
Guest of Honour : Shri Prithvi Soni, an eminent artist
5:30 pm - Inauguration of Anamika Singh's exhibition by mr. Prithvi Soni (Artist) and mr.Paramjeet Singh (AIFACS chairman)
1st to 7th January : 11:00 am - 7:00 pm - Exhibition on View

Entry : Free

Place : All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS), 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi
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Event Description : Art shows for the week are as follows : 

'Manifestation' Exhibition of Paintings by Rajesh Harsh & group.

manifestation exhibition
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Works exhibited in this exhibition are the manifestation of one kind or another but if we see, visibly these works go beyond. Every painting tells a story, an idea or a concept whatever you name it.
Paintings of all these members of this group are with different ideas conceptualized, but
they all lead to one point – Manifestation.

J P SINGH showing love for animals but representing with cow which is the most sacred
animal in our life and religion that is why it is called Holy Cow. There are many animals
which are associated with the human beings. His paintings bring the man and cow so
close symbolically, they are silent communicators. They have a spiritual relation. His
paintings also communicate to the viewer to love animals.

RAJESH HARSH is engrossed in the field of landscapes. His landscapes reveal the
unseen and unheard forces which radiate the energy and make the living beings happy and healthy. He is not showing green pasture rather he is reminding human being to respect the nature, save it from the environmental hazards. Do we hear this? We must try to hear the voices of the silence.

RATTAN KUMAR goes towards abstraction and breaks his composition by a number of
geometric shapes or this break and division of space creates geometry of a particular
kind. Many images are visible and it seems the painter leaves to the viewer to make his
own narration. But one point remains sure that the abstraction and the divisions are well
balanced. Colours also divide them in a harmonious way.

REENA CHAUDHARY paints meditative images. If we talk about meditation, the face of
Buddha comes in our mind. Every painter goes through meditation when starts painting.
Today meditation is stretched in many ways as the need arises. But it should be properly
disciplined to reach the goal. One has to train the mind through mental training just as one
develops physical body through physical exercises. Lotus and lotus petals are visible in her paintings which are very closely related to the purity.

TAPATI SINGHA is creating painting with forceful strokes like action painters. Her works can be interpreted by viewer in their own way. The life in itself is surrounded with unlimited
illusions. These remain and affect the thought process. Her figures are also trying to
struggle hard to come out of the cobweb of confusions. A pleasant moment comes with a
light of success which is visible. The painter tries to share her experiences with the viewer
and transfer some of the feelings to them.

Exhibition of Paintings by Sunil K. Deore & Group.

Exhibition of Paintings by Anamika Singh.
Anamika Singh(Rangroop Artist) was born on 18th January,1986 in Delhi.She has learned this amazing work by her father mr.Rangroop Ranjeet Singh
(Rnagroop Artist) and mr.Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi(Delhi Collage of Art,rajouri gardenShe is learning this marvelous work in Rangroop Art Studio from past 5 years. 

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