"Irish Film Festival of India - The Writing Irish" at Habitat World, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-18th, 20th & 21st February 2012

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Place : Habitat World, India Habitat Centre ( IHC ), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
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Event Details : Irish Film Festival of India - The Writing Irish.
A celebration of the great Irish writers throughout history with screen adaptations of works by James Joyce, William Trevor, Brian Friel, and Samuel Beckett. 
Schedule : 
16th February : 
Blood Coloured Moon (2009/11mins) Dir.Marc-Ivan O’Gorman. In rural Ireland, Good Friday night, 1967 a stranger arrives at an isolated pub and tries to persuade the woman of the house to run away with him by reciting a poem. Her husband isn't too impressed!
The Dead (1987/83mins) Dir.John Huston. An adaptation of perhaps one of the greatest pieces of English-language literature by one of Huston's favorite authors, James Joyce; a love letter to the land of his ancestors and the country where his children grew up; and the chance to work with his screenwriter son Tony and his actress daughter Anjelica. The film is delicate and unhurried, detailing a dinner at the house of two spinster musician sisters and their niece in turn-of-the-century Ireland, attended by friends and family. Among the visiting attendees are the sisters' nephew Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta. The evening's reminiscences bring up melancholy memories for Gretta concerning her first, long-lost love when she was a girl in rural Galway. Her recounting of this tragic love to Gabriel brings him to an epiphany. 
17th February :  
Circle Of Friends (1995/103mins) Dir.Pat O’Connor. Set in 1950′s Ireland, this charming romantic comedy follows Benny Hogan and her best friend, Eve Malone as they enter student life at University College, Dublin. Here Benny and Eve reunite with their childhood friend, the ice-cool Nan Mahon, the ‘college belle’. They also encounter the handsome and charming Jack Foley, for whom Benny quickly falls.
18th February : 
Dancing At Lughnasa (1998/95mins) Dir.Pat O’Connor. Adapted from the play by Brian Friel, the film is based on the lives of Friel’s mother and aunts who lived in the Glenties, on the west coast of Donegal. Set in the summer of 1936, the film depicts the late summer days when love briefly seems possible for three of the Mundy sisters and the family welcomes home the frail elder brother, who has returned from a life as missionary in Africa. The film takes place in early August, around the festival of Lughnasa, in Celtic folklore, the festival of the first fruits, when the harvest is welcomed. 
20th February :  
Ballroom Of Romance (1982/52mins) Dir.Pat O’Connor. Based on a short story by William Trevor, the film follows the trails of Bridie, an unmarried woman in her mid-thirties, who lives in rural Ireland and spends much of her time caring for her crippled father. Bridie still hopes to marry, and on Saturday nights, she rides her bicycle the seven miles to a wayside dance hall. She has been going to the dances for years but tonight she sees it in a completely new light. 
Krapp’s Last Tape (2000/50mins) Dir.Atom Egoyan. In Krapp’s Last Tape, which was written by Nobel-prize winning, avant-garde writer, Samuel Beckett, in 1958, an old man reviews his life and assesses his predicament. We learn about him not from the 69-year-old man on stage, but from his 39-year-old self on the tape he chooses to listen to. On the ‘awful occasion’ of his birthday, Krapp was then and is now in the habit of reviewing the past year and ‘separating the grain from the husks’. He isolates memories of value, fertility and nourishment to set against creeping death ‘when all my dust has settled’. 
21st February : 
The Butcher Boy (1997/110mins) Dir.Neil Jordan. Based on the Booker-shortlisted novel of the same name, The Butcher Boy is a tragicomic drama about Francis Brady, a 12-year-old boy, who becomes a problem child due to his dysfunctional family, and displays uncontrollable brutality when he grows up. Presented in a First-person narrative and stream of consciousness style, this unique film won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival in 1998 and ‘Variety’ called it Oscar-winner, Neil Jordan’s ”most accomplished and brilliant film to date”. 

Collaboration : The Embassy of Ireland & Culture Ireland

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"Irish Film Festival of India - The Writing Irish" at Habitat World, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-18th, 20th & 21st February 2012 "Irish Film Festival of India - The Writing Irish" at Habitat World, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-18th, 20th & 21st February 2012 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Rating: 5

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