"Elahiya : Divine words" a solo show by Salva Rasool at Experimental Art Gallery, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-20th December 2011

Time : 
16th December : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Preview
17th to 20th December : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm0 - Exhibition on View

Entry : 
16th December : by Invitation only
17th to 20th December : Free

Place : Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre ( IHC ), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1 to 3 ( Cars ), Gate No. 2 ( Bikes & Bicycles )
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Event Details : Mrs Renu Babbar, Director, Tatvam Hospitality presents 'Elahiya : Divine words' a solo show by Salva Rasool.
“Before the coming of Islam, Arabic was a spoken language only; its script was based on a form of Aramaic used by the Nabateans (100BC-AD100), now best known for the remains of their remarkable city of Petra in Jordon. These early writings are rare and found on a handful of examples in deserts of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. It was the revelation of Islam to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the early seventh century in Arabia that was to dramatically change the role of the Arabic script”.*
Salva Rasool is a professionally trained artist from Sir J J School of Arts, Mumbai. Rasool has been identified by her uniquely developed contemporary style in Arabic Calligraphy paintings, which she has cultivated over a period of years with great passion. There is a visible influence of traditional style of calligraphy in her paintings; that can be related to ancient calligraphic styles such as Kufic, Diwani, Thuluth and Naskh. Some of these works have also been inspired by the works of renowned calligrapher, Al-Qandusi.
The strength of these works of art, lies in their colour palate and various textures that Rasool has used. The predominant use of earthy colours and shades is sometimes cleverly infused with vibrant and bold colours. This demonstrates a fine balance of the aesthetic, while adding a touch of quirkiness and eccentricity to an otherwise serious subject of calligraphy. It is interesting to note the usage of stripes in many of the paintings. According to the artist these bring in a touch of modernity to an ancient genre, a great coming together of the old and new. The introduction of bold swatches of colour further accentuates her transition from an organised scheme based on strict rules, to an alternate expression that gives preference to her own creative modes of personal expression.
While much of her work is derived from sacred Quranic texts and is an epithet of her own deep Islamic faith, the staggering visual sway of her scriptoral palettes, which go far beyond decorative inscriptions, makes them closely accessible as mystical images, regardless of whether the texts can be read or not. Her painting evokes positive energy that pleases the eyes, mind and soul.

About Salva Rasool : Salva Rasool is respected for her works in Contemporary Art and is well known for her original Modern Arabic Masterpieces. She graduated from the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Arts, in 1985 and has since developed her childhood passion with her erudition and contribution to the Arts. Salva is essentially recognized the world over for her insatiable urge in calligraphically created Abstract Arabic Art which is inspired by her rich Indian heritage while keeping pace with the modern times. Today, her work makes regal appearances on the walls of homes as far as South Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom and the United States. Constantly innovating and experimenting with a myriad of colors, styles, textures, out-of-the-box art techniques and customized tools, she has pioneered novel ideas to reach a crescendo of visible trends in contemporary art. She is known for creatively incorporating unconventional materials like terracotta, ceramics, pottery, glass, leather, metal, fabric, beads, sequence and much more in her works.
Due to her fascination for the aesthetic sense of the ancient times and sublime affinity for her Indian culture, combined by her unique modern techniques, one gets to admire the magnificence and the beauty of exceptional art. Today, Salva has incorporated her passion with eclectic vision which is appreciated with unparalleled beauty. She works in tandem with interior designers to create the most exquisite vista of synthesized work. With respect to form and style, an innovative artist whose shades and hues keep changing, the possibilities are endless, a result of which Art for Salva, is pure oxygen.

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"Elahiya : Divine words" a solo show by Salva Rasool at Experimental Art Gallery, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-20th December 2011 "Elahiya : Divine words" a solo show by Salva Rasool at Experimental Art Gallery, IHC, Lodhi Road > 16th-20th December 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Rating: 5

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