Old World Theatre Festival - The Best of Collegiate Theatre at Amphitheatre, IHC, Lodhi Road > 7pm & 8:15pm on 8th-13th October 2011

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Please note the evening's ticket entitles you to watch both plays scheduled for the same time.

Place : Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre ( IHC ), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Parking : Gate No. 1 to 3 ( Cars ), Gate No. 2 ( Bikes & Bicycles )
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Event Details : Old World Theatre Festival - The Best of Collegiate Theatre.
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8th & 9th October : 
7:00 pm - The Experiment (60 mins)
College : SRCC
Contact : Akriti - 9818117484
Synopsis : Aim: To understand complex human behavior and observe the subjects tormented by fears as they reminisce and expose their inner moments of destruction.
Apparatus: 5 subjects, a torch, a hat, chocolates, a hammer, a blindfold.
Procedure: 1) Trap the subjects in a confined space.
2) Create chaotic instances for each.
3) Modify the procedure, as in when required.
Result: Fear is not to be feared after all. Or is it?
8:15 pm : Kya Baat Hai (45 mins)
College : Hindu
Synopsis : Do you often wonder of things not falling in the right place? Often wonder why it even happens? Or are you simply confused of the feelings that eat you up… or so to say... those feelings... which may be an outcome of your inability to deal with day to day problems or may be a response of your deepest, darkest secrets..??
Our play is a narrative description about the lives of four different individuals, from different social backgrounds and age groups, bound within their self destructive cocoons and facing their distinct tribulations.
The play beautifully depicts the healing effects brought into the individuals’ souls by simply sharing everything in their mind, hence unburdening themselves of their inner frustration, which ultimately enthralls one to ask…
“kya baat hai...?”
10th and 11th October : 
7:00 pm : The Lesson (50 mins)
College : St. Stephen’s
Synopsis : "My parents would really prefer me to read for all the Doctorates - if you think that's possible in such a short time." "All the Doctorates?...You are a very courageous young lady. Well, we'll try, Mademoiselle, we'll do our best for you."
The Lesson might, in fact, be about a lesson. A lesson between a brilliant professor and a stupid pupil. Or a stupid professor and a brilliant pupil. Or a driven professor and a driven pupil. It might also be about a lesson that one is familiar with. Or a lesson that needs remembering. The pupil comes to the house of the famous professor in the pursuit of total knowledge, only to learn that the concept is perhaps, meaningless. Eugene Ionesco (Romanian), wrote The Lesson (in French). It was first performed in France (in 1952)
and helped usher in the Theatre of the Absurd. They called it comic drama. And absurdly enough, it still is. The mutton-headed stupidity of a bunch of college students has made this production possible.
8:10 pm : Anna Weiss (55 mins)
College : St. Stephen’s
Synopsis : Anna Weiss is a deeply troubling drama that centers itself around three complex characters. Anna - a hypnotherapist, Lynn – her patient and David – Lynn’s father. The play deal with the phenomenon of False Memory Syndrome and prompts an intense speculation on our need for faith in each other, as we watch three lives plummet into an abyss of mutual mistrust while underlining the issue of child sexual abuse.
12th and 13th October : 
7:00 pm : What a Mess! (60 mins)
College : Kirori Mal
Synopsis : This is a story of a man and a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage. What they don't realize is that they are trapped in the play as well, because this is a script that is unable to come to a close. The tension between the script and its characters is what makes the play - or, should we say, breaks it. So, here is a play with dysfunctional relationships, repetitive dialogues, random interruptions and haphazard sets – phew, what a mess.
Our play’s title captures both the experience of the performance and its process. It was love at first sight for us when we read Caryl Churchill's Heart’s Desire because of its narrative technique of the ‘reset’. But we found the story a trifle thin, and so we turned to Mohan Rakesh's Adhe Adhure for the drama and crisis we required. Our aim has been to crack open this famous text using Churchill's radical dramaturgy, for new insights to be thrown up. There was of course a risk of the play becoming inaccessible to audiences not familiar with Adhe Adhure. But the bigger problem was how to perform the 'reset'. Using technical changes
would have been far too obvious and easy; finally, we have relied on the main instrument of the theatre - the actor.
8:15 pm : Class Enemy (60 mins)
 Six senior school boys, confined to a room on the upper floor of the school building, spend the entire day waiting for someone to take notice of them. Segregated from fellow-students and ignored by the school authorities because they are a ‘problem’, their resentment against a system that cuts them no slack takes the form of aggressive one-upmanship with anyone who crosses their path. Sexualized mazaak, abusive language and a general anger signal as much their defiance of a world that has broken faith with them, as
their desire to be acknowledged. Through an ebb and flow of camaraderie and hostility, Nigel Williams portrays a brutalized world where violence is as threatening as it is a cry for help.
Our adaptation re-locates the setting to a municipal school in a working-class area of Delhi.
We have aimed to create a ‘real space’ by being truthful to the speech and behaviour patterns of our character types, in the hope that audiences, bred on expectations of decorum on the stage, will not unduly focus on these at the risk of missing the larger picture. After all, violation of artistic decorum is a small price to pay given the larger violence committed when we marginalize and silence the underprivileged.
The action of the play is confined to a single room, the time to a single day in the lives of all the Veerus, Deepus, Pyaares, Naatus, Rajus and Jhantus of our troubled world.

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Old World Theatre Festival - The Best of Collegiate Theatre at Amphitheatre, IHC, Lodhi Road > 7pm & 8:15pm on 8th-13th October 2011 Old World Theatre Festival - The Best of Collegiate Theatre at Amphitheatre, IHC, Lodhi Road > 7pm & 8:15pm on 8th-13th October 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Thursday, October 13, 2011 Rating: 5

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