Christmas Weekend Walks by DelhiByFoot

Christmas Weekend Walks by DelhiByFoot

24 Dec Walk:
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23 December 2023: New Delhi
24 December 2023: New Delhi Railway Station Ajmeri Gate Side, 193, Ajmeri Gate, New Delhi, Delhi, 110002, India
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Event Description: Christmas Weekend Walks by DelhiByFoot

23 December at 4:30pm: Christmas Cheer in Delhi!!!
A walk through the churches of New Delhi
Join us for a magical evening as we embark on a Walk through the historic churches of Central Delhi adorned in the festive spirit of Christmas. Wander through the charming lanes illuminated by the warm glow of holiday lights and discover the rich cultural tapestry woven into the city's sacred landmarks.
Every year from November the big community in Delhi begins the hectic preparations. The Rum-soaked fruit & nutty cakes are being baked gifts are being packed elaborate Christmas dinners are being planned children are rehearsing the 'Nativity Scene' (Play on the birth of Jesus Christ) madly Carol singers are practicing for the week ahead as they start going around houses singing carols...!!!
Yes yes, the whiff of Christmassy Cakes the Jingle-Jangle of Santa's Reindeers and the spirit of 'Sharing and Caring' is in the air!
DelhiByFoot invites you to our annual Christmas fun event this Saturday evening which will begin with exploring the spectacular architecture of few Lutyen's Delhi’s oldest British Colonial Churches observing prayer rituals and an innovative church service soaking in the glow of dazzling Christmas lights listening to traditions of Christmas. All powered by we round-off with hot coffee rich-fruity Christmas cakes and traditional munchies...We promise it will be a memorable evening of the 'Yuletide Spirit'!!!

24 December at 9am: Secret Shahjahanabad
Old Delhi's hidden tales & culture and Christmassy flavour!!!
India is a melting pot of different cultures is something we have always heard. It's a place of many religions, traditions and their festivities which flourish in the age-old alleys of a part of our city which seems frozen in time and which we lovingly call Purani Dilli!!
And its life culture and true essence reside in the narrow chaotic lanes that visitors & tourists seldom wander into!
Off-the-map alleys resonating with the fascinating tales of “tawaifs”[courtesans] dancing women who built beautiful mosques and the poetry of great shayars like Meer and Ghalib leaving behind odes to its beauty....with shrines older than the Mughal city's age itself and where one can spend a few minutes in memory of Delhi’s first woman ruler...where the first Englishmen lived like Nawabs and which witnessed the downfall of the mighty Mughals!
Have you seen this side of Old Delhi?
Join us for a distinct glimpse of Purani Dilli and then end the walk being part of a unique Christmas celebration, and get a whiff of Christmas and the spirit of 'Sharing and Caring' at a church where the mass is read in Urdu and is called Namaz!!!

Walk Leader: Ramit Mitra, co-founder of DelhiByFoot Adventures, is a true-blue Dilliwallah who loves to savour all that Delhi has to offer. He has always been passionate about three things - people, history, and food; and Delhi amply rewards him in all three aspects! So after 12 years of being a corporate warrior, he set out to combine his three loves to create DelhiByFoot and tell stories of his city and country. Ramit writes regularly for online & print media on topics ranging from lesser-known history of monuments & the history of food

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