Rang ki zamin aur nattakkar ki chunautiyan

Aadyantara Rang ki zamin aur nattakkar chunautiyan Creative

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Rang ki zamin aur nattakkar ki chunautiyan
(Aadyantara’s upcoming monthly virtual baithak)
A playwright is the first to sow the seed of creativity in a theatre production. Their written word, aside from being a literary piece, forms the foundation of the play. The director refines this literary gem and breathes life into it to present it on stage. 
What happens in this process? What are the challenges and how do they overcome it?
Aadyantara’s next virtual baithak centers around the challenges of translating this word form into an expression that people relate to.
In this monthly baithak, noted Hindi playwright and drama critics will join us in this conversation. 
The discussion, moderated by Dr Madhuri Subodh, Hindi playwright and Director, will spotlight the challenges faced by people engaged in Hindi theatre. Clips from the plays of our esteem guests will be shown and discussed.

Coordinator Playwright: Dr Madhuri Subodh
Speakers: Shri Suman Kumar, Dr Meera Kanth, Shri Ramji Bali
Drama Critic: Dr Asha Sharma, Dr Amitesh Kumar, Dr Rama Yadav, Dr Harsh Bala Sharma

Organized by Aadyantara

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