The Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Piano Man Jazz Club Safdarjung Enclave Creative

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Venue: The Piano Man Jazz Club, B 6-7/22 Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi 110029
Landmark: opp deer park
Venue Info: | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Green Park(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: MUSIC: The Identity Crisis

Album - ‘Screaming for Change’    

Living in space-age times with stone-age minds” - a line from the song Radio Time Machine defines the theme of the album.   

The new album reflects a change in musical direction and sound for the band though it retains its rock leanings.   

The music is a marked departure from their earlier sound although some sonic references may be familiar. The band has also augmented its sound with the introduction of keyboards in the odd track to create more ambience and the saxophone which features prominently in three of the seven songs on the album.    

The lyrics too are more outward focused this time than the inward-looking lyrics on the last album. The band's relentless focus on melodic compositions and meaningful lyrics has paid dividends this time around as well and the music and songs through varied and diverse is held together by that very intrinsic quality that is the creative source of all music - catchy tunes and words to live by...    


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