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Name Game Play Atelier Centre For Arts Ghitorni Creative

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Venue : Atelier Centre for Arts, 768, near metro pillar no-127, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
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Event Description: Name the Game, Play

‘Name the Game / Hidimba’ is a theatre performance that explores power and domination through particular lenses including gender, caste, and hierarchy, social and cultural impunity. The play borrows instances from the life of Hidimbi and Bhima from the Mahabharata and attempts to question characters and events through these stories.
 The attempt is to create awareness on gender and power biases that are built into the heart of the social, patriarchal system. The performance aims at opening a discussion on the perception of gender roles, stereotypes, expectations, views and engagement. The idea of using such archetypical stories stems from the fact that stories afford psychic distancing and therefore an involved approach from the audience without the emotional baggage of personal experience.
The play examines subtle forms of gender-based violence which take the form of objectification of women, defined roles, and creation of hierarchy and denial of agency.

The performance was conceptualized during Zubaan's stepping stones project

The Big Fat Company is a theatre repertory of plus-size actors, challenging stereotypes based on appearance and the corporate - beauty industry norm of the body. Through art, the body is shown as a site for defining individual identity, constructing sex and gender ideals, negotiating power, and experimenting with the nature of representation itself. As well as being the site of knowledge and power, the body is thus also a site of resistance power. When we foreground the body from a performance point of view it varies according to many conditions related to race, gender, social, economic, geographic and, historic factors. How and what the performing body signifies, are closely related to the ways in which it is framed for the viewer’s conception.
The Big Fat Company intends to provide frames to view deeper understandings of the person and communities beyond the body image through theatre.

Written and Directed by Shree Kanth

Devised and performed by Anuradha Rao

Production & documentation Supratim Bhattacharya

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