Pitthoo Run (Fatigue Run)

Pitthoo Run Fatigue Delta 105 Pada Haryana Creative

Entry: Last date of registration: Last date of registration is Dec 30th Dec or as soon as targeted slots are filled.
Participants’ Takeaways:
Camouflage Tee, Conqueror medal, Pre-race breaker and all-important celebratory lunch. This is not all, there are a whole lot of exciting and adrenalin pumping acts to perform at Delta 105.
Registration link: www.townscript.com/e/pitthoo-race-201302    

Venue: Delta 105, Pada, Haryana 122015
Venue Info: www.delta105.com | Map 

Event Description: Pitthoo Run (Fatigue Run) is all about training & conditioning the body and mind ending directly into raising your confidence in YOU! For the same reason, it is also a part of our Elite Forces Training System (EFTS). There's always more in you than you know. That is the USP of pitthoo run! If you want to see the potential your unexplored tough side, raw strength & mental toughness then this Pitthoo Race may be your game. Over a short distance of 5Km, you have chance to champion 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg or 20Kg pitthoo in the battlefield called Delta 105, some 20km away from the bustling millennium city on Gurgaon Expressway.

Train smart, train hard, our team which specialize in training for such races will be happy to help you and share useful training tips.

Note: Before you choose your race category, try lifting an object of similar weight and walk for 5 mins. This will give you an idea to select your race category.
Pitthoo’s (backpack) weight is evenly carried by the back and strong core is what you need to train for apart from other routine exercises.
Those with chronic back & knee pain/ injuries should avoid participating in such high impact & intensive running events

Race Categories-
5Km Race with 5Kg pitthoo weight
5Km Race with 10Kg pitthoo weight
5Km Race with 15Kg pitthoo weight
5Km Race with 20Kg pitthoo weight

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