Yamuna Walk Series #3

Fish Yamuna River
Fish in Yamuna River

Entry: Please contact dragulalia@yahoo.com or cecbnhsdelhi@bnhs.org for more details.
Call 9811410095
No contributions are required
it is a Plastic-free event 
carry your trash back home for disposal
Please wear sturdy shoe, carry a sun cap, dull-coloured clothes
Carry your water bottle, lassi, Nimbu Pani etc and breakfast

Venue: Old Garhi Mendu Village, Usmanpur, Shahdara, New Delhi 110094

Event Description: Explore and experience the Yamuna River in Delhi in our Winter Walk series. 
These walks will be aimed not only at viewing wildlife but also creating aesthetic, environmental and educational values. 

The Yamuna is a spiritual place for some, and a dirty drain for others. Birdwatchers visit the river, especially near Wazirabad and Okhla. If restored, the river has great potential to rebound as a natural entity which the people of India can enjoy. However, there is a need to amalgamate the various interactions people have with the river. The Yamuna was once the lifeline of the city but now is just an afterthought remembered on a few religious occasions.

Children and young people in cities are known to suffer from ‘Nature Deficit Syndrome’.
They are not exposed to Nature and tend to forget our interconnectedness with it. 

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