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Max Clouth Clan Piano Man Jazz Club Safdarjung Enclave Creative

Date and Time: 11 December 2019, 9pm to 11:55pmAdd to Calendar 11/12/2019 21:00 11/12/2019 23:55 Asia/Kolkata Max Clouth Clan Must check for Details and on Event day before visiting -
The Piano Man Jazz Club, B 6-7/22 Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi 110029DD/MM/YYYY

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Venue: The Piano Man Jazz Club, B 6-7/22 Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi 110029
Landmark: opp deer park
Venue Info: | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Green Park(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: MUSIC: Max Clouth Clan

Max Clouth and his Clan play with powerful, sometimes anthemic melodies, cinematic-atmospheric sounds and striking themes. Western and Indian influences merge into a characteristic sound, while the band combines sophisticated structures and pointed improvisations. 

Drummer Martin Standke is one of the founding members of the clan, bassist Peter Crighton and keyboardist Georg Boessner join the band on their India tour in 2019. 

The music ultimately develops organically from the artists’ interactions, that's why everyone’s ideas contribute significantly to the final form of the pieces. Boessner's Voicings and Effects and Standkes sometimes hot, sometimes cool patterns are quality in itself, as well as Crighton's melodic tone and rhythmics derived from Arabic music.

The artists share a vision of creating music wherein the steady process of reorientation draws listeners into spheres of sound/ soundscapes that bridge influences and contexts. From Frankfurt to Mumbai, Indian Rock is combined with a solid jazz foundation. Jazz, as interpreted by the Max Clouth Clan, is so richly layered and influenced by a multitude of styles it ultimately escapes categorization.

Max Clouth - guitar 
Georg Boessner - keyboard 
Peter Crighton - bass 
Martin Standke - drums 



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