Lifafa, Hashback Hashish and D80

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Venue: Auro Kitchen & Bar, 201, Second floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Palace Market, Block C 2, Bhim Nagri, Hauz Khas, Delhi 110016
Venue Info: Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Hauk Khas(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: Raw Live & Pagal Haina Presents Lifafa, Hashback Hashish and D80

About Lifafa
Contemporary electronic music production has served to score the memories of a generation here in India, but with one element strangely absent - voice and vernacular. As Lifafa, Suryakant Sawhney has spent five years exploring uncharted terrain in this part of the world: electronic music that not only speaks sonically but also of words and meaning. The audience for this music is unknown. Via an ongoing exploration of Hindi and Urdu, a constant refinement of his own production techniques, and his instinctive take on melody and cadence, this music - spiritual and sensual, familiar and alien - has caught the attention of audiences not just in urban, Anglicised India, but in less obvious corners of this country, and beyond. Undefined and yet familiar, it presents a compelling insight into what the future of music from this region could be.

About Hashback Hashish
Enjoy some eerie minimal techno with Hashback Hashish who has been making big waves in the electronica scene in India. The Delhi-based producer is known for avant-garde bass lines and some eclectic beats and vocal samples. He recently released Brevity, a must-have record with arrangements and melodies that leave you begging for more. So make sure you are there to hear it live

About D80: 
Anubhav Sharma aka D80 has spent years on a certain unwavering vision – to bring his vision of disco to the public. Inspired equally by the likes of Lindstrøm on one hand and Sapan Jagmohan on the other, his DJ sets showcase recordings that span eras of disco across different geographies and contexts, while his live production sets focus on his own explorations of the form using synthesisers and analogue equipment. Having grown up in Delhi with a stint in Los Angeles, his recent return to Delhi has seen him bringing this body of work back to India.

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