Lemonade Delhi w/ Varg2TM

Lemonade Delhi w Varg2TM Auro Kitchen Bar Hauz Khas Creative

Entry: For Reservation and more info call: 9599901442, 9599901443

Venue: Auro Kitchen & Bar, 201, Second floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Palace Market, Block C 2, Bhim Nagri, Hauz Khas, Delhi 110016
Venue Info: Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Hauk Khas(Yellow Line)'

Event Description: Lemonade Delhi w/ Varg2TM

Varg2TM [Northern Electronics, Posh Isolation | SE]

Under the moniker of Varg2TM, Jonas Rönnberg runs a cunning operation.

Covert transmissions, alongside penetrating statements from techno’s core, are stacked adjacent to self-assertive live performances with an agility and depth of focus rarely summoned so instinctively. With a still-rising presence, Rönnberg makes sense of the decadent overdose privy to underground music at this time. And producing work on his own prolific schedule, his barely controlled chaos isn’t stopping to check that you’ve noticed.

Presiding over Stockholm’s Northern Electronics label with Anthony Linell, Rönnberg casts a cryptic shadow from the North over contemporary platforms in club music as well as the long arc of experimental music practices. The dynamic set of works that comprise the Nordic Flora Series are a keen example of this breadth and are a key of sorts to the artist. This year's Sky City EPs, along with the album 'Evanescence (A Love Letter)', refract expectations and transact damage spectacularly.

Tempering a caustic rhythmic sensibility with a pneumatic palette for high definition synthesis, Rönnberg’s unique embrace of risk tests the reliability of the forms he works in as well as the genre borders he surveys. The glossy brutalism of Ulwhednar, his collaboration with Linell, is a persistent and remorseless transmission of their shared techno foundations. In contrast, is the dizzying contemporary pop of his collaboration with AnnaMelina under the name of Flora. Building on a long-standing collaborative pact with Copenhagen's Posh Isolation, recent work with Croatian Amor has yielded restless grime and jungle-fuelled tracks, whereas The Empire Line's pummelling trance- laced works are crossed with power electronics to raw, hedonistic effect, giving up Christian Stadsgaard and Isak Hansen's noise pedigree.

It takes a vandal’s logic of intuition to make this work, let alone make it this thrilling. But if you can break into the penthouse, you may as well stay and coerce the havoc with a bottle of someone else’s champagne in hand. And, yes, you should be suspicious of what you know you haven’t seen —it’s obviously intimidating.

Music: soundcloud.com/varg

Shireen is a Delhi-based DJ and a member of the all-femme creative collective Coven Code. Having gravitated to dance music for the transformative power of the floor, she intends her sets to be sonic explorations that leave the room for every night to take its own unique course, where the exchange between music and audience has space to become larger than the sum of its parts. Heavily influenced by the clubbing culture of the UK and its faraway threads in the current Indian music scene, her sets draw from various dance music styles, focusing on house and techno, as well as UK garage, breakbeat, dubstep, and other sub-genres falling under the UK bass music umbrella.
Music: bit.ly/2sTpQ0M

Girls Night Out
GIRLS NIGHT OUT is the shape Vijayant Singh’s dance music dreams take. A party-popping half-lawyer half-DJ who listens to absolutely everything, the Delhi local delivers uncompromising dancefloor punches behind the decks. His sets are distinct and diverse- ranging from wave, disco, Italo, Detroit house to EBM, new beat and trance. A resident with Boxout.FM, he hosts a monthly radio show called ’The Waiting Room’, which focuses on the darker, grittier shades of dance music.

Music: bit.ly/2Sj7fGb

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