Through The Leaves To The Light, A Solo Show By Dimpy Menon

Dimpy Menon Artworks
Dimpy Menon Artworks
Date and Time: 11 December 2019 - 5 February 2020, 11am to 7pm (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)Add to Calendar 11/12/2019 11:00 05/02/2020 19:00 Asia/Kolkata Through the Leaves to The Light, a Solo Show by Dimpy Menon Must check for Details and on Event day before visiting -
Gallery Art Positive, F-213/B, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi-110030DD/MM/YYYY

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Venue: Gallery Art Positive, F-213/B, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi-110030

Event Description: Anu Bajaj, Director of Gallery Art Positive presents Through the Leaves to the Light, a solo show by Dimpy Menon

When form meets flow, the poetry of the sweetest cadence happens. Add to that the mystique of nature and the result is magical.

Dimpy Menon, celebrated sculptor, thinker and poet collaborates with Anu Bajaj, Director, Gallery Art Positive to present a solo show which explores movement through the eyes of nature.

She presents a series of engaging works that explore the many nuances of nature. Through a congregation of 25 sculptures, she expresses the sheer voracity of the human form as seen amidst nature and its abundance. “When one looks up at the sky with the birds gliding across or when the stars dangle, there is a calm joyfulness that fills the heart. My forms personify this deep stillness that is a mere cover of a burning effervescence,” shares the artist.

Curated and presented by Anu Bajaj, gallerist and art aficionado, the show opens with a very Zen-like preview in a winter garden. As flora and fauna create a becoming backdrop to Dimpy’s sculpture she reads her poems before a gathering of discerning collectors and art appreciators.

“Over the years, Dimpy has made the human form central to her expression. Celebrating its myriad forms, delving into its moods,  meanderings and movements. There is a certain meditative quality to her work, a stillness, which is ethereal and timeless” shares Anu Bajaj

The silent communication one has with nature is pure and one needs to know no language to enjoy nature. Dimpy tries to portray God’s Voice. The Artist tries to capture the feeling of boundless in the works. It takes the mind off the merely internal to something more eternal.

Graduated in Fine Arts, College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, with the 1st rank in 1986. Majored in Sculpture, Dimpy Menon was the first Indian sculptor to win the prestigious Lorenzo ilMagnifico award for sculpture, Florence Biennale and was invited speaker at TEDx 2017, Bangalore.

The artist has used ethically-sourced and found pieces of wood as part of some compositions. Bronze, wood and stone are in themselves elemental.  The works range in spirit from the calm and quiet Lotus Pond and Through the Leaves to the Stars to the celebratory movement of Lightness of Being. 

“Both the forms and the compositions represent the essence of human spirit and nature. One does not always need the entire ocean to enjoy nature; a fallen frangipani flower with its fragrance and perfect form can be just as enriching” said Dimpy Menon.

“In this show, she moves forth connecting the human form to the abundance of nature that surrounds it. She explores our dependence on it weaving this soul connect into the fabric of her expression” says Anu Bajaj. 

There are no borders or religions in nature. It belongs to the beholder. One can be wonderstruck by the patterns on the leaves and the colours of the flowers. They make one feel there is a greater plan. So much beauty cannot be an accident.

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