Friction : A Poetry Showcase by Aparajita & Seep

Friction Poetry Showcase Aparajita Seep Piano Man Jazz Club Safdarjung Enclave Creative

Entry by Tickets priced at Rs. 99, Available at :
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Tele-Booking : 011-41315181

Venue : The Piano Man Jazz Club, B 6-7/22 Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi 110029
Landmark : opp deer park
Venue Info : | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Green Park(Yellow Line)'

Event Description : Friction : A Poetry Showcase by Aparajita & Seep

What makes us baulk is also what moves us. The one physical force that keeps our carefree movement in check, scrapes our tires, skins our knees and keeps us grounded is also the one thing that makes movement a possibility. We move in spite of and because of friction. It scars us, mars us and propels us forward. 

Friction is a Sunday Matinee poetry duet, organized in collaboration with TPMJC. It'll be an afternoon where we talk about the many bruises and scars we have gathered over the years, the frequent falling off the wagon and the constant getting up, brushing off and moving on. The very first of its kind in Delhi, Friction is about revisiting our journeys through our own dissonances, of finding ourselves within and without our poems, discovering how we both - as poets and people - coexist, in spite and because of all the friction that drives us. 
About Seep Agrawal: 

Seep is Delhi-based spoken word artist, who believes that her poems are a blend of things left unsaid, things she hopes for, and questions which she may never have the answers to. She thinks accepting uncertainty is actually great evidence of courage and believes unflinchingly, that when given the space to breathe and live, art can change the way our voices are heard, and subsequently the world.  

Seep has been a featured performer across several literary fests throughout the city, in addition to hosting and judging inter-collegiate slams. She is currently working with Slam Out Loud as Program Associate, and is building Kommune Delhi as Ambassador. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Delhi-based artist collective Soulstuff, and hopes to always be remembered by her poems.  
About Aparajita Deb: 

Aparajita likes to think that she exists in gaps - in between reiterations - repetitions, preaching - teaching, listing - listening. Her writing too, nestles between the stark and the snarky, built around the belief that people are either sheep or ships. Either our stories shepherd us, or we ferry our own stories. 

An English teacher by profession, Aparajita has been a part of the Delhi poetry circuit for half a decade now. She has been featured in events throughout India, in addition to judging and hosting many college level slams and poetry-music showcases across Delhi. A member of Pandies’ Theatre Group and co-founder of Soulstuff, she continues her search for good grammar, a lack of typos, the correct usage of the Oxford comma, and an ironic dislike of long sentences. 

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