Krunk Pres: Nothing Anonymous (EP Launch), Shoals & thegreybox

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Entry : For Reservation and more info call : 9599901442, 9599901443
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Venue : Auro Kitchen & Bar, 201, Second floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Palace Market, Block C 2, Bhim Nagri, Hauz Khas, Delhi 110016
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Hauk Khas(Yellow Line)'

Event Description : Krunk Pres: Nothing Anonymous (EP Launch), Shoals & thegreybox

About Nothing Anonymous

'Nothing Anonymous' is an electronic duo (Nirmit Shah and Ambika Nayak) that are producing sounds in a style that incorporates broken beats, dreamy synths, vocal melodies that stick with you and super chill vibes. They take influence from genres like neo-soul, dream pop, hip-hop and beat music.

About 'Here to Stay'

'Here to Stay' is Nothing Anonymous's Debut EP. What connects all the songs in the EP is the fresh sound that has been a result of Nirmit and Ambika's unique styles woven together with immersive song writing.

Each song touches upon different human emotions and traverses multiple musical styles and genres while doing so.

Listen to the EP here:

About Shoals

What started out as two friends collaborating to make an album eventually took on a life of its own to become "Shoals". Experimentation is at the heart of this creative process, and every whimsical idea is entertained in the pursuit of a sound that tells a story.

Shoals comprises Utkarsh Varma and Sidharth Gupta - members of bands ‘River’ [New Delhi, India] and ‘GoodKids’ [Los Angeles, US] respectively. Shoals is most inspired by UK based artists Massive attack and Steven Wilson, late night food delivery services and poorly executed reality TV shows. With a new single on the horizon and further musical developments, the band is set to make its mark in New Delhi’s Independent Music Scene and beyond.

About thegreybox

Producer and selector alike, thegreybox brings with him an amalgamation of the classic and the edgy.

New Delhi’s thegreybox adopts an unapologetic approach towards exploring sounds to put together emotional narratives that are meant to both invite and incite.

With a collection curated over the years, there is always new music, new feelings and new emotions he brings with his DJ sets. To him, genres are secondary but the vibe is paramount, making every set worth dancing. His latest release ‘BEATS’  can be defined as sonic explorations that take you to unknown corners of your mind and is an ode to his subsistence as an audiophile.

For thegreybox, music is so intertwined with his existence that it is hard to classify or categorise. It is truly a label-less approach that is designed to enable music to become a vessel for an alternate form of learning. You can hear influences ranging from Hip-Hop, Soul, Trap and House but at its core, it’s unabashedly experimental.

Keeping an elusive front, he has been playing selected venues and parties for about three years, staying true to his mission of feeding the local underground. 

He also runs a monthly radio show on called ‘HOODVIBES’, where he plays Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop.

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