Inaugural Show of Merraki, A Sculpture Studio by Nandita Jain

Inaugural Show Merraki Sculpture Studio Nandita Jain Artworks

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Venue : Ojas Art Gallery, 1AQ, Qutab Minar Roundabout, Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110 030

Venue Info : | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Saket(Yellow Line)'

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Nandita Jain curates a collection of unique and modern sculpted art objects, Launches Merraki, a sculpture studio with an inaugural show  

As the name suggests Merraki means ‘putting a part of yourself in what you create’, and personifying this idiom is Nandita Jain launches Merraki Art Studio with a very eclectic and evocative collection of sculptures. Each one looking beyond the intricacies of conventional design to more modern, linear and bold forms.

She launches Merraki with a show featuring 50 of her top sculptures at Gallery 1 AQ. From a vivacious animal series to a larger than life representation of flora and fauna, the show personifies everyday life, presenting it in a dramatic art form.

Merraki reflects Nandita’s astute aesthetics and understanding of the art of sculpting. Following everyday, ubiquitous themes in form, the Merraki sculptures go pop in the Andy Warhol kind of palette and are cordon bleu experimental in an art nouveau style. The playful chimpanzee sits pretty in a bronze avatar, as the statuesque hound looks majestic, while a herd of sheep in monochrome stand grazing on a well-manicured lawn. Animals do play a big role in her artistic mind. She says, “I am very fascinated by animals. Maybe this fascination stems from my inbuilt fear of dogs. Since I can’t see them up close, my sculptures allow me to explore my fascination in a far less interactive manner.”

To the arts born, Nandita hails from Tagore’s Kolkata and was born into one of the city’s leading industrialist family who were in the business of tea. “I grew up with art all around me. My mother is a painter.  I myself am a trained classical singer and till date love singing and performing. Early exposure to the fine arts has made me sensitive to and appreciative of all forms of art and the reaction art can evoke.” A graduate in Political Science she admits that, “The city of Kolkata encourages you towards art. Right from seeing veteran artists of the Bengal School, to other forms of performing arts, I have always enjoyed and appreciated art in all forms, both, fine and performing.

“My sculptures add a lot of spunk and character wherever they are and tend to become conversation pieces. Larger than life paint tubes, Rubik cube like squares, the plus sign, large hibiscus flowers being some of the many themes that mark a Merraki piece.

For Nandita, sculpture is a therapy, a meditative process that allows her to consign with herself. It’s a way to connect your hands with your heart.  Specially given that the sculpting process is so tedious. Nandita explains, “The materials used are fibre, brass, acrylic paint, lacquer. There are many levels of perfection. First a mould is made out of mud. After that is perfected - the size, proportion, and shape, this mud mould is covered in fibre. Once this looks perfect, the mud needs to be removed through a painstaking process. Thereafter, the final buffing and shaping is done. Finally, the first coat of paint is applied. Each coat of paint needs to dry for a minimum of 12 hours. A total of 2 or 3 coats are applied. The penultimate coat is that of a glossy or matte lacquer which needs more than 24 hours before it is completely ready.”

Merraki, a contemporary sculpture studio adds a dash of color and chutzpah to the world of fine art. The art objects add a sense of chic to any home, be it a sprawling farm, a city house or a cutting edge studio apartment in the metropolis. Merraki is Nandita Jain’s way of adding sculptures to homes that respect and collect art.

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