Drama Society AAKRITI presents Mrityusangeet, a one-act Bengali Play

Drama Society AAKRITI Mrityusangeet Bengali Play Muktadhara Creative

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhavan, 18-19 Bhai Veer Singh Marg, New Delhi 110001
Landmark : Between Gol Market and St. Columba’s School
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Stations -  'R. K. Ashram Marg(Blue Line)' & 'Shivaji Stadium(Orange Line)' & 'Patel Chowk(Yellow Line)Exit Gate - 3'

Event Description : THEATRE : Drama Society AAKRITI presents Mrityusangeet, a one-act Bengali Play
Two micro-plays - Ghar and Baansh - will also be staged

Original Play by Taufiq Al-Hakim (Egypt)

Adaptation, Design & Direction by Souvik Sengupta

About Mrityusangeet

Set in a remote village in Egypt, it is the story of feud and revenge between two warrior
clans, which are at loggerhead with each other since long.
One cannot lead a dignified and contented life if one is obsessed with negative emotion
all the time. He has to strike a balance between positive and negative emotion in order to achieve happiness. Life is not one-dimensional. It has multi-faceted aspects. Positive and negative emotions are part of it. But if one is obsessed with revenge with the sole aim to right the wrong of the past, his faculty of reasoning gets blurred and he becomes a victim of irrationality. He becomes blind to the brighter side of life – milk of human kindness, love for humanity, do-gooder’s effort to enlighten the society and uplift its living condition.
The play explores this aspect with finesse.

Cast - Aparna Banerjee, Sanghita Shome, Seshadri Ratna Mitra, Siddharth Chatterjee

About the group : Serious theatre and affording amusement to audience are the primary objective of Aakriti.
Twenty-two productions in the last sixteen years are not mere numbers. They tell a tale of
assiduous effort covering a wide variety of theme, presentation style and acting flair. To elevate the level of a play from mere performance to that of art requires resolute commitment, hard work, perseverance, skill, creativity & innovation. This is what Aakriti has been religiously doing ever since its inception. But can we ignore the audience and say ‘let them go to hell, we will do it in our own way.’ No, definitely not. They are the ultimate judge. Their opinion matters.
In fact, theirs is the last word for any performance to be called ‘successful’. If their views are
taken into account, Aakriti has already become one of the leading Bengali theatre groups in
Delhi, with some memorable plays in the past. But the group does not want to rest on its laurel.
To explore newer horizons in the field of theatrical art, experiment with unorthodox content and innovative form, and test the critical faculties of the audience is what Aakriti hopes to do in future.

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Drama Society AAKRITI presents Mrityusangeet, a one-act Bengali Play Drama Society AAKRITI presents Mrityusangeet, a one-act Bengali Play Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, August 31, 2019 Rating: 5

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