MUSIC / THEATRE / TALK "Smash Inequality" > 11am-2pm on 19th January 2019

Venue : S.No:24/483, 24 Block, Subhash Market, Block 3, Part 1, Trilokpuri
Smash Inequality Rahul Ram Trilokpuri Creative

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : S.No:24/483, 24 Block, Subhash Market, Block 3, Part 1, Trilokpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110091
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Trilokpuri (Pink Line)' 

Event Description : MUSIC / THEATRE / TALK "Smash Inequality" 

It combines musical performances Rahul Ram and Sanjay Rajoura (doing an edition of Aisi Taisi Democracy on inequality), performance by Barefoot College puppetry team, Azad Parindey, Delhi Drummers Circle, Delhi Young Artists Forum, interspersed with speeches from activists addressing specific manifestations of inequality. This call coincides with the Global Week of Action against Inequality that provides a hook to initiate coordinated action.  This is an effort to explore possibilities of synergized engagement on this issue across networks and alliances. A conscious effort will be made to bring young people and existing unions, networks and alliances into the process.  This will be accompanied by mobilization in 20 of India’s 29 states during the week to highlight the different manifestations of inequality and to demand a fairer, more gender just and equal India.

Through the event we are Addressing Inequality

While India’s constitution commits to the principle of equality, some citizens of India are more equal than others. There are inequalities between the rich and the poor, between the genders, between the various social groups, between those with and without disabilities, between rural and urban areas and between the lived realities of those living in different states in India. This is manifested in a number of ways including access and relative quality of essential services like health and education, access and control over natural resources, taxation and banking systems, access to government planning spaces and justice among others. 

Since we have grown in this unequal society, many accept inequality as inevitable. It is not. Inequality is a policy choice that governments make. A different, fairer and more equal India is possible.

Call for Action against Inequality: India 2019

We believe that a political approach is needed to fight inequality by making it a mass issue and a popular campaign, addressing the core perceptions that sustain inequality and building a culture of equality.  It involves challenging the policy choices that India has made in the previous years that privileges the rich over the poor and the fundamental economic model that sustains inequality and addressing the rising phenomena of crony capitalism and privatization. At the same time, this would entail recognizing that progress has been made in the preceding decades, but the reduction in poverty and growth of the national economy should not create a sense of complacency.

Fight Inequality Alliance is a growing group of leading international and national non-profit organisations, human rights campaigners, women’s rights groups, environmental groups, faith-based organisations, trade unions, social movements and other civil society organisations that have come together to fight the growing crisis of inequality. They are building a global movement to counter the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small elite and achieve a just, equal and sustainable world.

The alliance is built from and supports the ongoing work of affected communities, activists and existing movements, responding to the local realities of the inequalities people are experiencing. The Alliance is action orientated. The fight against inequality will be won by deepening people’s collective power, practical actions that challenge and change the status quo and shift power. At its core are national alliances, the key driver of change, supported by regional and international solidarity and action.

Globally, the objective of the week are to disrupt the global conversations around Davos challenging corporate influence, elite capture and build the global movement against inequality. The focus of the 2019 mobilization is to help connect movement-building moments across the world in the excluded parts of cities such as Manilla, Jakarta, Delhi, Joburg, Nairobi, Tunis, Dakar, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London and Washington DC, where urban communities hit by obscene inequality are organising to build their power and take it on - as powerful a visible demonstration of people’s collective mobilisation and organising to resist the unjust distribution of wealth and power.

The event is anticipated to bring together over a thousand participants including local residents, college students and participants from across Delhi from organizations supporting the mobilization.  The event will be followed by a number of decentralized actions during the week in Delhi in support of the need to reduce inequality.

Schedule: List of speakers along with their schedule 
1. Kamla Bhasin  on Gender 
2. Ambrish Rai on Education 
3. Armaan Ali  On Disability 
4. Bezwada Wilson on Dalit issues
5. Annie Raja  on Labour rights 
6. Jaya Singh on Child Rights 
7. Harsh Mander on Muslims and Inequality 
8. Ravi Shrivastava on Unorganised sector worker and Inequality 
9. Amitabh Behar on Overall Inequality campaign

 Performances – 

1. Aisi tesi democracy 
2. Azad Foundation 
3. Azad Foundation 
4. Delhi Drum Circle 
5. Puppetry – on gender, foeticide and education
6. Azad parindey  
7. Delhi young artist forum 

Language : Hindi and English 

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MUSIC / THEATRE / TALK "Smash Inequality" > 11am-2pm on 19th January 2019 MUSIC / THEATRE / TALK "Smash Inequality" > 11am-2pm on 19th January 2019 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, January 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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