THEATRE FEST : NATSAMRAT presents “Navodit Natya Utsav” > 3:30pm onwards on 26th June 2018

Venue : Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhavan, 18-19 Bhai Veer Singh Marg
NATSAMRAT Navodit Natya Utsav Plays Stills

Time : 3:30 pm onwards Add to Calendar 26/06/2018 15:30 26/06/2018 16:20 Asia/Kolkata THEATRE FEST : NATSAMRAT presents “Navodit Natya Utsav” Event Page : Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhavan, 18-19 Bhai Veer Singh Marg, New Delhi 110001 DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Duration : 50 mins. for each play

Venue : Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhavan, 18-19 Bhai Veer Singh Marg, New Delhi 110001
Landmark : Between Gol Market and St. Columba’s School
Venue Info : Events | Map | Nearest Metro Stations -  'R. K. Ashram Marg(Blue Line)' & 'Shivaji Stadium(Orange Line)' & 'Patel Chowk(Yellow Line)Exit Gate - 3'

Event Description : NATSAMRAT presents “Navodit Natya Utsav”

 Six play in one day : 

1.      “Mohobbatnama” written & directed by Sunil Kumar
2.      “Raavi Paar” Story Gulzaar, script & direction by Amit Tiwari
3.      “Park” written by Manav Kaul & directed by Varun Sharma
4.      “Patloon” written by Manish Joshi & directed by Rohit Sharma
5.      “Antardrishti” written by Prince & directed by Prince
6.      “Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja” written by Bhartendu Harishchandra and directed by Rati Sharma

Synopsis : 

Mohobbatnama - synopsis not available as of now.

Raavi Paar
Raavi Paar is a collection of short stories by Gulzar that do not adhere to a particular theme but address different human emotions. The first story of the book, which is also its title, is a narration from the author's own life, against the backdrop of Indian Partition.

The Hindi drama is set in a park with three benches that become point of contention between three men. All three want the best spot and try to prove why they deserve it. Each one's claim is superior to the others'. In the course of the conversation—mostly heated and combative - personal and larger politics come to the fore, revealing the fragility of life and emotion.

Patloon is a play based on Human Desires. The main protagonist of the play is Bhagwan who comes from a rural background. He shifts to a city for finding a job. He finds a job in brick factory and becomes bounded labor.
On 15th August he is released from his bounded job and thrown to a metro city. He finds a new jib there and becomes a cobbler. When he polishes shoes of customers sometimes he spoils Trousers of customers by mistake. A customer shouts on him and scolds him for this mistake and tells him that Trousers are status symbol. Bhagwan feels that he will also wear a pair of trousers and will maintain his own status. Here start desires of Bhagwan of getting a pair of Trousers.
Everyday Trousers comes in dreams of Bhagwan and talks with him.
There is another character in this story that always dreamt of becoming richest man of country and purchases a lottery every day. He always teases Bhagwan that somedayhe will win his lottery amount and will gift trousers to Bhagwan but Bhagwan always tells him that he will achieve Trousers with his own hardwork.

A surreal love story of Pushkar and Dhrishti that unfolds through the 'Antardrishti' of Tejasvini and Omkar; the play travels between reality and imagination in an epistolary fashion. Does the love story culminate? Just watch!

“Andher Nagari Chopat Raja”
“Andher Nagari Chopat Raja” is the title of a play, which roughly translates to a “crazy king
ruling over a dark kingdom”. The play attempts to highlight The absurdity of socialism.
the author, Bharatendu Harishchandra represented the agonies of the people, country's poverty, dependency, inhuman exploitation, the unrest of the middle class and the urge for the progress of the India. through his plays.
The play is a story about a student who goes to the weird kingdom where the king has decreed all things to be sold at the same price. Taka ser bhaji, taka ser khaja (vegetables sold at the same price as exotic dates).
In the play, some Thieves, intending to rob a house, die after the collapse of a wall they broke and their mother seeks justice. There then follows a ludicrous blame game, with the owner of the house blaming the mason, who blames the bricklayer, who blames a passing Mullah who diverted his attention, whom the judge orders to be hanged, but since his neck doesn't fit the standardised noose, the judge orders the nearest person whose neck does fit to be hanged instead, which happens to be the student. He later escapes the noose.

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THEATRE FEST : NATSAMRAT presents “Navodit Natya Utsav” > 3:30pm onwards on 26th June 2018 THEATRE FEST : NATSAMRAT presents “Navodit Natya Utsav” > 3:30pm onwards on 26th June 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 Rating: 5


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