THEATRE 'No One' Theatre Group presents "Chief Ki Dawat" Hindi Play > 4pm on 12th March 2018 - Delhi Events
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THEATRE 'No One' Theatre Group presents "Chief Ki Dawat" Hindi Play > 4pm on 12th March 2018

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Venue : Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar
No One Theatre Group Chief Ki Dawat Hindi Play Creative

Time : 4:00 pm Add to Calendar 12/03/2018 16:00 12/03/2018 17:30 Asia/Kolkata THEATRE 'No One' Theatre Group presents "Chief Ki Dawat" Hindi Play Event Page : DR. M.A. Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025 DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : DR. M.A. Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025
Venue Info : | Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Okhla(Violet Line)'

Event Description : The group "No One" is founded by young Theatre enthusiasts and Chief Ki Dawat is No One's very first production.


The play is an adaptation of Bhisham Sahani's short story "Chief Ki Dawat".This story was written in the 1950s. Even after 70 years you can still closely identify with the characters, the upwardly mobile executive and the simple Mother. 

Shamnath is a middle level executive eager to ingratiate himself with his boss to climb the corporate ladder. He has invited his boss and his wife for dinner at home. He and his wife are busy making preparations for the perfect evening. Shamnath is a fastidious person and wants to make the perfect arrangement for the party.  However, there is a problem, that is his mother. Shamnath thinks she is backward, inarticulate, clumsy and he is keen to altogether avoid any contact of his mother with the boss. He thinks it would be severe embarrassment for him.  Elaborate instructions are given to her on where she could "hide" at specific times during the evening depending on where the guests would be at that time. She is forbidden to sleep as her snores would disturb the party. As her misfortune would have it, despite all her efforts, she falls asleep and hence does not adhere to the hiding script authored by her son. The Chief sees her and engages her in small chat about the folk traditions, music and handicrafts. He is specially interested in Phulkari. Shamnath's mother feels very guilty on coming in the way of her son's progress and she regrets spoiling the chances of his career with her rustic ways. Shamnath smells on opportunity here to ingratiate himself with his boss makes his mother promise a piece of Phulkari to the boss. He takes his mother for granted throughout even in the end when he nearly forces her to commit to the Phulkari. The mother is clueless on how to handle herself but her overwhelming feeling is that she is worthless and should not come in the way of Shamnath's guests, she even contemplates shifting permanently to Haridwar.

About the Directors : 

ALQAMA KHATOON, a student of Media and Governance in Jamia Millia Islamia. She has always found her soul expression through the art of theatre. She has been performing with the Josh-The drama club since 2013. To name a few plays she has performed as an actor- Hum Ek Hain, A Mid Summer Night's Dream, Rehearsal, Kafan, Khalid Ki Khala, Andher Nagri, Badzaat Titli, Baa-Santi and many more. For the play Badzaat Titli she has received the 32nd Zonal and National award. Besides Stage, Street theatre too captures her heart and her captivating performances include Swachta Hi Surakshta, Bikta Bachpan, Koop Mandook, Baat Ka Batangad, Dekh Aayina Dekh, Dakiya Daak Laaya and Afwahon Ka Baazar. But theatre is just one of the many lovely feathers in her hat. She hosted the show Filmi Geet on Jamia Community Radio 90.4 FM for almost a year. She designed costumes for some  remarkable plays like Gandhi Ne Kaha tha, Jaanch Padtal, Khalid Ki Khala, Andher Nagri, Badzaat Titli, Baa-Santi, Teesra and many. She worked on costumes for Spanish Opera 'El retablo de Maeso Pedro' and 'La vida breve' too. Her passion in experimentally applying makeup on performers to reflect period, setting, and situation of their role is amazingly different. She Managed and Organised university, state, and national level Theatre festivals and competitions. She further plans on exploring the treasures of the world of Direction in the coming years. And her romance with acting still continues.

AYESHA PARVEEN(Actor, director, Social Activist). A prominent member of JOSH- The drama club pursuing  B.A(Hons) MASS MEDIA in JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA. Her debut direction(Ab Tu Dekh) was about the issues faced by the Dalits in India. As an Actor she worked in various stage plays- Rehearsal, Kafan, Andher Nagri, Badzaat Titli, Jo karenge Hum Hi Karenge, Teesra  and many more. Her love for Street Plays is invincible. She has performed in Arthnaad, Soch-Ek Sawal, Dekh Aayina Dekh, Afwahon Ka Bazaar and many more. She has represented her university on State, Zonal and National level. She has won the first prize in One Act Play and 4th in skit at 32nd All India University North Zone and National Youth Festival. Currently she is associated with an NGO Donbosco ashaliyam and working for the upliftment of Children.

DANISH SIDDIQUI is pursuing Bachelor's of Mass Media, Jamia Millia Islamia. He has been associated with theatre since years now and has performed many stage plays including Rehearsal, Gandhi Ne Kaha Tha, Baanjh, Badzaat Titli, Andher Nagri and many. Along with this he performed many Street Plays some of them are Aarthnaad, Media- Ek Andha Raj, Baat ka Batangad and Afwahon ka Baazar. Also, he participated in college fests all around country like Delhi Kanpur, Kolhapur, Ambala, and other places. Besides, concentrating on Theatre, he is a budding poet and traveller who manages his blogs and pages. Awards have chased him as he has scooped several awards including 32nd north zone and national youth festival in One Act play. Currently he is serving Josh- The drama club in production, Music and light designing.

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THEATRE 'No One' Theatre Group presents "Chief Ki Dawat" Hindi Play > 4pm on 12th March 2018 THEATRE 'No One' Theatre Group presents "Chief Ki Dawat" Hindi Play > 4pm on 12th March 2018 Reviewed by Rohit Malik on Monday, March 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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