ART MELA : "Delhi Nayi Purani Kalakar ki Nazar Se" > 11am-7:30pm on 7th to 11th March 2018

Note : This event has been cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. 
Venue : Central Park, Connaught Place

Time : 
7th March : 4:00 pm - Inauguration 
7th to 11th March : 11:00 am - 7:30 pm 

Entry : Free

Venue : Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi
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Metro : Rajiv Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line and Blue Line)
Area : Connaught Place (CP)

Event Description : ART FEST : 
"Delhi Nayi Purani Kalakar ki Nazar Se" organised by Kaladrishti and NDMC. 

The city of Delhi has an interesting history dating far back to Indraprastha the capital city of Pandavas mentioned in the Mahabharata. It is an excellent example of the old and new existing together and offering the people a kaleidoscopic view of the city. Thus we have the broken walls of the Purana Kila (site of Indraprastha ) spanned  by the Trade Fair Authority on one side and Delhi Geological Garden on the other side. The high rise buildings of Connaught place also co-exist with the Ugrasen ki Baolai or step well right in the middle of this office area.  There are many such examples in Delhi which makes it interesting. 

Delhi is source of inspiration for many artist whether they be visual artist, poets, dancers and musicians. Ghalib and Zauk were in love with this city .The Mughal dance form in Kathak also took place here. In visual arts define miniature paintings the sketches and line drawings of the speak much for the city. In architecture the beautiful jaali works, stone in lay works at Red fort and Jama Masjid speak for themselves.

Then the sprawling bungalows speak much for Lutyen’s Delhi and the current day high rise buildings and shopping complexes speak much for the current day Delhi.

Event Concept

We plan to organise an event in Connaught Place to project this unique feature of New Delhi. The stress would be on street art or people’s art which is dear to the common man who he understands and enjoy

(i) Hoardings – Specially hand painted film hoardings would be installed to take us back to the old times

(ii) Graffiti on walls –Down to earth graffiti art is totally people’s interpretations of art .We will make false walls and graffiti related to Delhi 

 (iii) Blow ups of photographs on Delhi would be inter spread in the Mela area (a) Sketches and line drawings by British and Indian artists. (b) Line drawings with pencils and charcoals by early 19th and 20th century artist would be displayed. (c) Photographs of old Delhi, Lutyen’s Delhi and making of Connaught place and today’s modern day Delhi would also be presented

 (iv) Cut outs in cardboards and plywood-The Mela ambience would be created with the cut outs which would be spread all over the Maidaan there could be imaged of  Tongas and Ekkas ,Rickshaws , Vintage cars together with modern day Metro. Cuts outs of monuments and buildings like Bahai Temple, India Gate, Qutub Minar and would mingle with Central Secretariat and government offices in the centre cut out maps of Delhi with the metro rail running around it.

(v) Installations and sculptures (a) Painting of items like old chairs, windows, gates, doors etc would be on display. (b) Installations on Delhi themes made on waste materials and scraps, broken cups, glass etc. would also be displayed. (c) Sculptures made on the theme by artist would also be showcased.

(vi) Child Art A special section would be kept for child art where the art works and prints of paintings by children from 5-15 yrs of age would be displayed. There would be art competitions from time to time.

 (vii) Decorative art on human body- Body painting, nail art, hair art henna etc. Models with body paint and decorations could also impersonate as statues Nats, Nakka, Bhopa Bhopi and other traditional artist would also take part.

 (viii) Mela area would consist of about 20 stalls which would sell paintings and art related items.

 (ix) Sponsorships by reputed and eminent organizations to meet expenses of Mela. 

 (x) Photo section- special section where people would come and photographed in the traditional styles with props and backdrops.

 (xi) Stage and entertainment – A stage would be installed for addressing people receiving VIPs and organising entertainment programmes.

About Kaladrishti

Kala Drishti is an artist run art trust meant to promote and support upcoming artists and create awareness about visual art in the various cross sections of society. Its aim is to achieve the maximum in the field of visual art and give the artists their rightful place in the sun. keeping this aim in mind Kala Drishti has introduced the concept of affordable and useful art by designing some gift items, home products and home furnishings. This range kitsch art (gift items mostly hand painted in bright and gaudy colors and themes) like kettles, cups, old time irons( the one the dhobi use), trunks and buckets, coasters, lamps and lanterns etc.

Then there is a range of gift items and home furnishings (mostly printed) which is mostly inspired form heritage art like Mughal and Rajput paintings, Bengal wood cut art of 19th century, 19th century British art and mughal architecture.

These are beautifully designed and reset by Kala Drishti artists. The collection comprises of mugs, coasters, decorative plates, pen stands etc. In the home furnishing there are beautiful cushioncovers, dining mats and runners and a range of colorful bed covers. The main aim is to bring a little bit of art into homes and display a collection of designer art in soft furnishing.

Headed by mother and daughter team of Anjali and Ritika Jain. The aim is to promote visual art in all its dimension which will be both pleasing and affordable. They also exhibit in Singapore and have been very successful there.

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ART MELA : "Delhi Nayi Purani Kalakar ki Nazar Se" > 11am-7:30pm on 7th to 11th March 2018 ART MELA : "Delhi Nayi Purani Kalakar ki Nazar Se" > 11am-7:30pm on 7th to 11th March 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, March 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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