MUSIC / DANCE / MAGIC : Chinese Cultural Show > 7pm on 9th February 2018

Venue : National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI), 3 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg
Chinese Cultural Show Artists
Chinese Cultural Show - Artists
Time : 7:00 pm Add to Calendar 09/02/2018 19:00 09/02/2018 22:00 Asia/Kolkata MUSIC / DANCE / MAGIC : Chinese Cultural Show Event Page : National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI), 3 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110016 DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

Venue : National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI), 3 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110016

Landmark : Opposite Siri Fort Auditorium

Event Description : MUSIC / DANCE / MAGIC : Chinese Cultural Show, organised by Embassy of the People 's Republic of China in the Republic of India, in association with China National Tourist Office, New Delhi and India China Economic and Cultural Council.

Every year, a cultural evening is organized in the capital to celebrate the occasion of Chinese New Year in February. The aim of this cultural evening is to present a slice of Chinese culture in India, and to strengthen historical cultural ties between India and China. The event will witness Dance Performances, Acrobats, Vocal Performances and much more. 

Group Dance “New Year Greetings” A delighting dance performance accompanied with

cheerful and enthusiastic music wishing people a happy and healthy life for the New Year.
Solo Song- “Like a Snowflake” A song sung by a male solo singer with beautiful, diverse and wide range voice, the lyrics focus on the pursuit of a better self.
Acrobatics “Spinning Blankets” An acrobatic performance with difficult acrobatic moves
while simultaneously holding spinning blankets with hands and feet which creates the image of a mesmerizing blooming lotus.

Group Dance “Blooming Jasmines” A dance performance based on the symbolism of the

flower Jasmine which signifies “beauty, purity and sweet fragrance”, furthermore it also
represents the sentiments of friendship and love which is expressed through this performance.

Acrobatics “Magic Cube” A thrilling acrobatic show displaying the excellent coordination and

synergy of the performers.
Group Dance “Flowers Bloom in the Rain” Winner of several dance competitions, a unique
music & dance performance is centered around the creative imagination and vision about love of the young girls of Dong nationality.

Magic“Mulan” A magic show renowned for its mind-boggling tricks. Mulan was a legendary

heroine in ancient China and she took her aged father's place in disguise as a male to join the army to protect her country from invasion. The show has won the first prize in the 3rd Asian Magic League Competition, first prize in Malaysian Magic Competition as well as in the Shanghai International Magic Festival & Competition. The magician is also a judge at the Shanghai International Magic Festival.

Acrobatics “Birds & Blooms-- Handstand skills” An acrobatic show, where bright and young girls from Guangxi show their extraordinary flexibility and balance of their bodies through their various handstand performances.

Group Dance “Spirit of the Water” A special Dance performance, showcasing the unique

charm of Art of Dai Nationality. The performers, no matter when they are moving or staying put, reveal a graceful, elegant and passionate manner in the dance, reflecting their pure spiritual world.

Instrumental Ensemble “Five Kinds of National Music” A traditional Chinese Music show

using five different folk instruments to perform, audiences will get to enjoy the charm of real
folk music. 

Dance “Thousand-Hands Bodhisattva” A dance performance inspired by the Bodhisattva with thousand hands and thousand eyes where the thousand hands represent vast amount of compassion and the thousand eyes represents the wisdom.

Acrobatics “Ballet on Shoulders” A unique performance combining the contrasting aspects of gentle ballet style with powerful acrobatic moves, riveting the audience with their stunning


Female Solo “Young Girl of India” and “The Mayella Variations” Song performances where

the first is called “Young Girl of India” with its strong and unique traditional Indian music which expresses the heart of a young girl. The second called the “The Mayella Variations” uses a strong Kazakh folk song showing the image of a charming young girl, which is expected to leave deep impressions on the audience.

Song and Dance “Beautiful China” A song and dance show displaying the long and splendid

culture of the Chinese nation, showcased through a beautiful and passionate performance.
Mr. Zhang Jianxin, Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of China in India says, “On this happy
occasion of the Chinese New Year, the year of Dog, I would like to extend our warmest New
Year greetings to everyone. We wish to share the auspicious festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year and wish you all a prosperous and successful Chinese New Year.  We’ve selected the programs from hundreds of programs to present Chinese Culture to Indian audiences. Folk songs, dances and acrobatics have a long history in China. Culture crosses borders. We’ve taken China’s folk songs, dances and acrobatics troupes to perform overseas, and they have received warm feedback.”

Adding further, Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, India China Economic and

Cultural Council says, “I am thankful to one and all, which are coming all the way from China
to perform in Delhi and I promise to bring the two nations closer through such cultural evenings in coming years. Also would like to wish prosperity to all my Chinese friends on the occasion of Chinese New Year, 2018.

About Liuzhou Arts Theater & Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe Co. Ltd.

Liuzhou Arts Theater established in 2010, it integrated the long history and famous brands

including Liuzhou Song and Dance Troupe, Liuzhou Gui Opera Troupe, Liuzhou Caidiao Opera Troupe, Liuzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe and Liuzhou Culture and Art Center. The theater took part in major festivals and cultural events like China Arts Festival, Shanghai International Arts Festival, Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, China Xinjiang International Dance Festival, China Drama Festival and China-ASEAN exposition etc and won many national awards for its art pieces.

Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe Co., Ltd grows out of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Acrobatic Troupe which is established in 1952. It is the top level professional acrobatic
performance group in Guangxi. In 2012, the Troupe is registered as the Guangxi Acrobatic
Troupe Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe)—a member of Guangxi Art Performance Group. The Troupe has travelled and performed in over 40 countries and regions. It has played important roles in cultural exchange activities between China / Guangxi and foreign countries and regions. The Troupe has made great contribution on developing Chinese national culture and improving the friendship between India and China. 

About ICEC-Council

India China Economic and Cultural Council is an autonomous not-for- profit organization
founded in the year 2003 to enhance economic and cultural cooperation between the two
countries; India and China. Towards this objective, ICEC conducts policy research on industry and trade aspects between India and China and provides platform for enhanced interaction and cooperation between governments, businesses and civil society of the two countries by organizing trade and investment summits and sector oriented delegation meetings in India and China.

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