BOOK LAUNCH ‘100 stories of Change’ Volume I by Goonj > 1pm-5pm on 30th January 2018

Venue : Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg

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Venue : Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi - 110001
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Event Description : BOOK LAUNCH ‘100 stories of Change’ Volume I by Goonj

Discard and so called beneficiaries emerge as problem solvers for development

Goonj is proud to launch its first book 100 stories of Change Volume I making a case for the need for a paradigm shift in the way the world perceives its discard and the so called beneficiaries, the resource less people in far flung villages. 

The 25 stories (in this first volume of 100 stories) offers factual evidence on how 3000+ tons of urban discard (every year) is being turned into a new currency for hardcore village development work where people in the villages across India are participating, with their efforts and resources.

This book is NOT about Goonj, these stories belong to the larger world even though they come from Goonj. It goes back to Goonj’s core philosophy that it ‘does not want to grow only as an organization but more as an idea.’

According to Anshu Gupta, Founder Goonj,  Magsaysay 2015 awardee,  Ashoka and Scwhab Fellow “Each story in this book highlights a marked change in pattern; like the story on bridges highlights how bridges have been made all over the country, and the universal applicability of the idea, that people irrespective of geography, ethnicity, education etc. have made bridges for themselves. These stories present people in our villages, as the active participants and problem solvers rather than the illiterate resource less people. That calls for a fundamental shift in a basic premise of development work.”

About the book; This book compiles 25 stories, the first in a four part series of  ‘100 stories of Change’.  These 25 stories touch on varies issues like water, infrastructure rural development, menstrual hygiene, livelihood and innovative disaster relief and rehabilitation ideas as well as ignored basic needs like utensils, wedding kits etc.   In each story discard of the cities is the key ingredient and there is no money transaction for any development work done by the village communities.

Who is it for: If you are an individual giver in a city, an institution, a corporate or an industry body, this book tells you about the powerful impact you can make with your discard.  For the development sector and academia in India and internationally, these stories present some verifiable, viable case studies on two key constituents – the beneficiaries and the growing discard of our cities, to solve some difficult development problems of our times.

About the Speakers : 

Dr. H Harish Hande, Managing Director, SELCO-India, which he co-founded with Neville Williams in 1995.

Venkat Krishnan N., Founder Eklavya School which used innovative pedagogical approaches to help children learn rather than be taught. In 2001, he co-founded Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd, a company that works on improving quality of school education in India. Venkat set up GiveIndia in 2000, to create a "giving culture" in India and transitioned out in 2008. 

Anshu Gupta, Founder Goonj,  Magsaysay 2015 awardee,  Ashoka and Scwhab Fellow 

Umesh Anand, Publisher of Civil Society Magazine (

About the Organization : GOONJ (means an echo) is a multi award winning social enterprise working pan India to build an economic bridge between the cities and villages.

Sharing surplus of one’s prosperity to address lack of resources of another, Goonj focuses on enhancing the dignity of and empowering the communities in far flung villages to solve their own problems. Over the last 19 years Goonj has established a culture and mechanism of sustained and mindful giving in urban India for vast stocks of everyday necessities; from clothes to medicines, lying as idle surplus in urban homes.

Every year Goonj deals with more than 3000 tons of urban surplus material to trigger 3500 grassroots development activities across the deep interiors of rural India where people build huge bamboo bridges, dig up wells, do bunding of acres of land, repair roads etc. with cities under-utilized cloth & other old material as their only reward and motivation. The urban underutilized material is thus being used not only to fill the gaps of resources in development work but also to dignify the act of Giving. Now millions of people don’t get material as charity/donation but earn it as reward in lieu of their work. 

Our work is also bringing attention to some basic but ignored needs of the people like menstrual hygiene, annual disasters like winters and the growing menace of waste. As millions of kgs of last shreds of cloth is turned into cloth sanitary pads and Sujnis, Aasans and Green by Goonj products, we bring livelihood to thousands of people and value to what the world considers a waste.

On a systemic level Goonj is a mass movement engaging with the masses in the cities and villages of India, instigating them to get involved in solving their problems as equal stakeholders with all that they have; their wisdom, material and resources.  

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BOOK LAUNCH ‘100 stories of Change’ Volume I by Goonj > 1pm-5pm on 30th January 2018 BOOK LAUNCH ‘100 stories of Change’ Volume I by Goonj > 1pm-5pm on 30th January 2018 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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