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Time : 7:00 am Add to Calendar 29/07/2017 07:00 29/07/2017 10:00 Asia/Kolkata WALK / THEATRE : DelhiFreeTours presents Jahanpanah (Refuge of the World) Event Page : http://www.delhievents.com/2017/07/walk-theatre-delhifreetours-presents.html In front of Select City Walk Mall - Press Enclave Marg (Khirki Village Bus Stop), Saket, New Delhi DD/MM/YYYY

Entry : Free
Contact Parthajeet at +91 9999397827 or Soumya at +91 9953877827

Meeting point: In front of Select City Walk Mall - Press Enclave Marg (Khirki Village Bus Stop), Saket, New Delhi
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Station - 'Malviya Nagar (Yellow Line) Exit Gate - 3'
Area : Saket

Event Description : Jahanpanah - literally the refuge of the world, is the third city of Delhi. Located in and around the modern day Malviya Nagar, Shivalik, Panchasheel and Khirki area, this city is probably the least known to tourists, enthusiasts and even to the people who live here. 
The city was built by the Tughlaqs - the master builders of Delhi. Starting from Ghia-ut-Din Tughlaq to Muhammad (the crazy one) to Firoz and other smaller sultans of this slave dynasty. The city was located between the Lalkok, Kila Rai Pithora (modern day Saket and Qutub Golf Course area) and Siri Fort Area.
We continue to discuss the times of Tughlaqs and Delhi Sultanate and share stories about palace conspiracies, schemes, murders, murder attempts, curses of sufi saints like Nizamuddin Auliya and many more. 

In this second edition, Parthajeet, who has lived in Jahanpanah (Sarvodaya Enclave, Khirki, Malviya Nagar, Shivalik) for eight years, takes us through the lesser known monuments of this areas - Khirki Mosque and Satpula this time.
The group will then move to Adilabad Fort, off the Mehrauli Badarpur Road and near the Air Force Station at Tughlaqabad.

It is preferred that people who can bring their cars do so, to the meeting point in front of Select City Walk mall, Press Enclave Marg. The Khirki Mosque and Satpula walk will take an hour or less.
The group then moves together to Adilabad Fort - which is some distance away and not so easy to spot. Most likely there will be enough cars to accommodate all 'walkers'; else Uber and Ola should be handy.

There would be a theatrical performance at the end of the walk from Girish Karnad's play Tughlaq. We will listen to Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq talk to himself, his ghosts, his fears, his failures, his passions and Allah. 

About DelhiFreeTours :
DelhiFreeTours is an inspired effort by lovers of Delhi to tell the stories, facts, and history about the magnificent city of cities to all those who care to listen. Delhi is home to a number of historical monuments and places; these places are there for all of us to see - sometimes in their full glory and sometimes wrecked by ravages of time. Their stories are often engraved very briefly in stone slabs in font of the monuments or offered to be told by tourist guides for a fee or by experts and 'walk' organisers.

We believe that there is so much history and stories of love, hatred, murders, palace politics, greed, ambition that remain untold. If at all, the entire drama of the events and characters is reduced to plain story telling to fit the duration and space offered. We often wonder if the stories, history is combined with the architecture of the place, monuments and the literature, poetry and documentaries of famous writers, historians, Sufis who have blessed the dust of this city, what a delight would it be. This led to the idea of DelhiFreeTours.  

The walk and performance is free; you pay for your travel (to the meeting point and places) and tickets by your own. You do not pay for the time and effort of your guide(s). We encourage more people to come and join this movement.

Website : www.delhifreetours.wordpress.com

About Parthajeet:

In Indian theatre tradition, the story-teller or sutradhaar is as vital to the narrative as the protagonists. Often, s/he starts the drama/story, allows the story to unfold, comes in between at critical junctures to explain or emphasise the situation, allow for a pause or take the audience to the next chapter. Sometimes, the sutradhaar becomes a part of the story itself and plays out both the roles.

Parthajeet intends to play the role of sutradhaar as an engaged and addicted loved of Delhi and it's history, story, architecture and poetry. He works as a International Education Consultant and believes this to be a fundamental duty to educate the tourists, passers-by and more importantly the inhabitants of the city about it. He is a trained theatre person and has performed in many plays in Hindi and English in New Delhi under the aegis of Asmita Theatre Group, Cathaayatra, Inverted Weekend Group et al. He is a writer by compulsion who has a few publications such as Slient Horizons (a collection of English poems), Washing Machine, The Salon and Lost Sandals (short-stories) and Ek Aur Trasadi (One more tragedy) - a play on Bhopal Gas Tragedy to his name. There are a few more that he posts on his blog www.maybemay.blogspot.com. He also manages a foodblog at www.goodfoodshould.wordpress.com

He is a member of Indian Society of Authors (InSA) and National Bal Bhawan (being a Balshree Awardee by the President of India for Creative Writing)

He lives and works in New Delhi.

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WALK / THEATRE : DelhiFreeTours presents Jahanpanah (Refuge of the World) > Meeting In front of Select City Walk Mall > 7am on 29th July 2017 WALK / THEATRE : DelhiFreeTours presents Jahanpanah (Refuge of the World) > Meeting In front of Select City Walk Mall > 7am on 29th July 2017 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, July 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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