POETRY / MUSIC "What do you want it to be?" in Hindi and English at Vasant Vatika, C-2 Vasant Kunj > 7pm on 10th September 2016

Nitya and Ankita Anand
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Venue : Vasant Vatika, C-2, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

Landmark : Opposite C2 Community Hall (Map) & behind Mini Cooper showroom
Venue Info : Nearest Metro Station - "Chhatarpur (Yellow Line)"

Event Description : Lost & Found presents "What do you want it to be?" an evening of poetry and music in Hindi and English

This evening is a celebration of sound, a synthesis of Ankita’s poetry and Nitya’s flute. The Indian flute, the Bansuri, is an instrument generally associated with mysticism and worlds beyond. The poetry you will hear this evening sheds light on the sometimes grim and gritty realities of life, which we encounter every day. These appear to be unrelated. But, we question, are they really so?

“What do you want it to be?” is an attempt to blur conventional boundaries and explore whether what we see as contradictions are really just different shades of the same colour, even mutually related.

Working on the theme of invisible cities, we explore the relationship of the individual with the metropolis: how although an individual and her past risk becoming invisible in a big city, they can never be completely erased. To adapt, it is up to us to decide which physical and emotional landscapes of our identity are worth preserving, and of what we are ready to let go. 

ये शाम नित्या की बाँसुरी और अंकिता की कविता के संगम का उत्सव है। बाँसुरी को हिन्दुस्तान में एक किस्म के अलौकिक ज्ञान के प्रतीक के रूप में देखा गया है। और जो कविताएँ आप सुनेंगे उनमें हमारी रोज़मर्रा की ज़िंदगी का खुरदुरापन है। ऊपरी तौर पर इन दोनों बातों का कोई ताल्लुक नहीं दिखता। पर क्या वाकई ऐसा है?

हमारी कोशिश है उन सीमाओं के पार जाने की जो सच में नहीं, हमारी सोच में हैं। जो चीजें हमें एक-दूसरे के विपरीत दिखती हैं, क्या वे दरसल एक ही दरख़्त की अलग-अलग डालें हैं?

"अदृश्य शहर" के विषय पर काम करते हुए हमने एक व्यक्ति और उसकी महानगरी के बीच के रिश्ते को समझने का प्रयास किया है। एक बड़े शहर में आकर इंसान का अतीत और उसकी पहचान कई दफ़ा मिटने का ख़तरा मोल लेते हैं, पर उनकी परछाईयाँ हमेशा आसपास रहती हैं। फैसला हमें करना है कि अतीत से जुड़ी अपनी प्रकृति और भावनाओं के कौन से हिस्सों को हमें सहेज कर रखना है, और कौन से पुराने पन्नों को बहा देने के लिए हम तैय्यार हैं। 

About the Artists - 

Ankita Anand is a co-founder of the street theatre group Aatish, a recipient of the European Commission's Lorenzo Natali Media Prize and a fellow with the Washington based group The Rules that works on addressing global inequalities. Her poetry has recently been chosen to be part of an anthology featuring forty Indian poets below the age of forty, and has won her the second prize in the Second Annual Singapore Poetry Contest.

Nitya began her training in music at the age of 7 with Carnatic Vocals. After experimenting with a few different instruments, she found her calling in the Bansuri. She has been learning Hindustani flute under Siddharth Dal Behera ji in Delhi since 2012 and recently began training with Pandit Pravin Godkhindi in 2015. Apart from music, her ever-expanding list of interests includes art, writing, baking and learning new languages. She has a degree in Economics and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in French.

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POETRY / MUSIC "What do you want it to be?" in Hindi and English at Vasant Vatika, C-2 Vasant Kunj > 7pm on 10th September 2016 POETRY / MUSIC "What do you want it to be?" in Hindi and English at Vasant Vatika, C-2 Vasant Kunj > 7pm on 10th September 2016 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, September 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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