EXHIBITION "Swabhimaan : Celebrating Womanhood" an international group art show of paintings and sculptures at Hudco Art Gallery, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place > 11am to 7pm on 7th to 11th March 2016

Event Description : "Swabhimaan : Celebrating Womanhood" an international group art show of paintings and sculptures.

Conceptualized by Gaurav Mangala and Manmeet Walia

 ‘Swabhimaan’ is an art exhibition that features a group of female artists to celebrate womanhood. Walking on the path towards gender parity, it’s our small initiative to show our support in a creative way. ‘Swabhimaan’ means self-respect which aptly defines the strength and essence of International Women’s day. Honouring this day means bow to a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter with all the gratitude and respect in response to the defiant uncouth behaviour in the society. The exhibition is a collect of women artists from diverse cultures, sundry mediums, and varied backgrounds showcasing profuse and innumerable thoughts.

This show brings together upcoming women artists & mature artists, who have dealt with different medium with different subjects. Their work presents various thoughts showing an inclination towards society and its issues, they also realize the power that art has to influence the minds and lives of people.

‘Swabhimaan’ is an initiative where the women artists, who have been blessed with a divine aura, which is continuously en lighting this world with new thoughts and concepts in the field of Art, will share their ideas, experiences, concepts and more important their efforts behind their creations to Art Lovers and Artists. The idea is to celebrate different forms of Visual Art by women from various sects and backgrounds to showcase the plethora of thought process according the subjective circumstances.

This evening is an event as an effort to get Affluent women from different stratas and profession to show how women are reaching such heights and success.
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Participating artist 
Aarti Ahuja, Anupma Manav, Geetika Sangwan, Jyoti Rajput, Manisha Dhore, Manmeet K Walia , Neelam Gupta, Rachael Thomas, Ritu Manchanda, Ruchi Sharma, Samriddhi Mishra, Shilpie Soni, Shobha Broota, Vaishali Rajapurkar, Vinita Rathaur, Yashashri Shukla.

Works on display :

Manmeet K Walia : Art makes me believe in a world of no fringes. It is Freedom from all stereotypical edges to a colourful front. We might not feel much difference in our urban life but as we go away from a cosmopolitan living towards semi urban or rural areas, we see the real India. These semi urban and rural areas constitute 80% of India’s population. Sadly, as we go deep into these places we see an unapologetic society that discriminates women in general. To these, women are always and should always be subservient.

We are living in the 21st century and women are still not given due respect and place. Sometimes being far away from these harsh realities we don't realize that women continue to suffer and be oppressed. A woman’s life is dedicated to her family be it before or after marriage, leaving a little or no time for her self-realization and to pursuit her aims.
My work gives me a medium to express myself.

“I pray for an equal world where men and women are treated with the same respect and dignity”.
 My work predicts the emotions and expressions of a bride’s dilemma and confusion. It’s that new life she is taking a big step to but is oblivious and anxious. Jewellery, in my paintings, symbolizes a beautified version of clutches. Although you will see most of my works in Oil on Canvas I use different mediums as well sometimes.

Neelam Gupta "Ramnik Bela" shows time which symbolises auspicious time of Devtas(gods) also called 'Brahm Muhurat' according to our Hindu mythology which is before sunrise between 4-5am. The time is most auspicious and best for meditation because this is the time when mind is calm and environment is full of positivity. The painting depicts start of a new day with new hope . The light depicts path of enlightenment and branches hoping new leaves.

Shilpie Soni : My work shows the moods of a woman, and different shades to a woman, courage, confidence, attitude, are few attributes of a woman which are shown through different colors in the painting.

Jyoti Rajput : My bronze sculpture explores the human psyche as observed in daily life. I am intrigued by how people react, think and feel in my surrounding.

Shanti Vatsthala : Shanthi’s paintings are mostly about Mother Nature from where we all come live and go, and about spiritual art. She wants to redefine the art as a medium of peace and tranquility to our homes. She believes in the power and significance of mantra that’s why she chants the mantra continuously while painting, so her paintings represent powerful positive vibrations she has blended her thoughts well with spiritualism in her mesmerizing paintings. I have depicted the mood of lord Siva , Ganga and the Whole Environment at moment when Ganga Mata decended the earth. The Poweful lord Siva in meditation ,naughty ganga and the whole environment watching for the next move. This painting depicts the ultimate place in the Himalayas were u can get the peace and tranquility. I want to get this peace to our living rooms.

Anupma Manav : Our society is full of fluctuation and instability which reflect on us. At this point, I try to keep my mind peaceful and satisfactory.

Manisha Dhore : She has with relative success, exposed the different modes of print making for instance intaglio, serigraphy, lithography & other experimental surfaces, one thing that strikes her work are ideational composition & understanding of both monotone &variegated color effects.

Rachael Thomas : As a painter and photographer she expresses with colors and forms what she sees and hears in her mind. When she steps inside the space she is creating on canvas, she wants the viewer to go there with her - to experience the openness of the moment. Her sights has always been set on travel, exploration and art, which planted the seed to paint.

Geetika Sangwan : Her work is a melange of colour,creativity,composition and intense thought processes that are finely turned together to produce art with vitality and visual vibrancy.Her art is the continuation of her journey of exploring the relation between human and nature along with his dreams and imagination!

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EXHIBITION "Swabhimaan : Celebrating Womanhood" an international group art show of paintings and sculptures at Hudco Art Gallery, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place > 11am to 7pm on 7th to 11th March 2016 EXHIBITION "Swabhimaan : Celebrating Womanhood" an international group art show of paintings and sculptures at Hudco Art Gallery, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place > 11am to 7pm on 7th to 11th March 2016 Reviewed by Delhi Events on Friday, March 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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