DANCE : Delhi Tango Festival at NDTS studio, E-193, Greater Kailash-2 & Zai, Local shopping Complex, Greater Kailash-2 > 25th to 28th February 2016

Time : 
25 feb - 8:00 pm
26 feb - 3.30 pm-9.30 pm
27 feb- 3.30 pm- 9.30 om
28 feb- 1 pm- 11.30 pm

Entry : Requires Registration  
Online :

Venues : 

For Classes : NDTS studio, E-193, Greater Kailash-2, Delhi
Venue Info : Nearest Metro Station - 'Kailash Colony(Violet Line)'

Grand Finale Milonga : Zai, Local shopping Complex, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi
Venue Info : Nearest Metro Station - 'Kailash Colony(Violet Line)'

Event Description : Delhi Tango Festival. 

Last year many tango lovers from more than 10 countries came to Delhi to enjoy magical unforgettable nights and days. In our second year of the festival, we are getting more passionate and energetic with your support. Tango surrounds our lives, we live it with the most amazing maestros, orchestras and DJ’s of the Universe where we bring on together in Delhi, which is one of the most beloved and historical Cities in the World. Join and share the magical moments with us, we promise your Tango journey will be an unforgettable one.
During the festival days, be prepared for a rich and exciting program, including:
*Amazing Milongas in significant venues.
*All professional sound and light system
*Amazing Dj Cast
*Carefully selected classes from World Renowned Maestros
*Opening Milonga in the American Embassy. Grand Finale in one swanky restaurant with wooden floor and the feel of Buenos Aires complete with old world charm and lamp shades.
*Non-Stop Dancing
*Tango footwear and clothing collections.
*Maestros Performances

Schedule : 

25th Feb 
Grand Opening Milonga. It is by invite only milonga at American Embassy ACSA. 
Please get your photo id, without that you will not be allowed to enter.
Everyone pays for their own food and drinks there.

Day 1. 26th Feb
Time 3.30-5 pm
Day 1 - Zen and Tango  *(

Ikebana as a metaphor….Essentialness, Simplicity, Elegance, Power

“making the simple complicated is normal...making the complicated awesomely simple is creativity"

Breathing and Visualization in Tango
powerful technique to help us become better dancers
what you visualize becomes reality
the power of breath…”if you breathe well, you will live long”. Sanskrit Proverb

Being in the present...dancing in the present moment
We speak about and concentrate on a precise point on the forefoot
             ….here we seek perfect balance
……..”there is no future, there is no past”

The physiological aspects of body movement
it is in the human DNA
learning body movement method
we are already dancers inside….
the therapeutic power in rhythmic body movement (

Perfect Balance
perfect balance on the outside *( leg supporting weight) and inside *(psychological….serenity, self assuredness)
renders power and flexibility in dance - Like the weather vane of a house

Dancing The Stillness - (

Create colours as you dance (

5-6.30pm, 6.30-8pm
 Roberto Massis
2. Understanding Milonguero, Salon and Nuevo Styles
Technique and Musicality in Milonguero Style - Emphasis on Rhythmic Tangos employing turns.
Technique and Musicality in Salon Style - Emphasis on Romantic Tangos and the quality of the pause.
Technique and Musicality in Nuevo Style - Emphasis on Dramatic and Modern tango with possibilities of style mixing.

 3. Musicality/Fast and slow dynamic. Management of orchestras.
Understand & Feeling of the music & its Melody.
Align your emotions & energy with the music rhythm.
Exploring the possibilities that different orchestras offer.

8-9.30 pm
Jorge Richards
4. From Gross to Subtle
Action from beginning to end, the purpose of this class is to develop awareness about the movement of energy in the tango dance. Many partners exercises, games and sequences designed to increase perception and sensitivity and apply it to the Tango Dance.

Day 2. 27th Feb
Time 3.30-5pm
Oscar Wright
The Power of The Tango Walk *(

Changing of Weight
the leg that sustains the weight is in the present
the free leg, totally relaxed, moves first with maximum extension
then we move the torso - perpendicular: clean movement, essential…always seeking that magical perfect balance

The Tango Embrace - a defined and secure structure
tight and secure
in the present moment
united with the soul of your dance partner…”the soul of your dance partner is your shadow”
the hand Clasp - "Your soft hand is a woman of itself,/And mine the man’s bared breast she curls inside." *(Robert Browning, 1846)

Walking - The Powerful Use of Empty Space
discover who you are inside - (
body perpendicular….essential...simple...transparent...
with each step we seek the pause….” the pause is magical...feel the scent of life”

The Tango Walk With Your Partner  (the power and the magic !)
Simple….Essential...comprised of two important elements...the pause and the present…

“In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities….in the expert’s there are few”

With a tight and secure embrace
you lead with the proper psychological attitude….like actors on stage...the script says, “you are a tango dancer and you don’t doubt it”
you must enter into role and character of being a tango dancer
you lead by listening to the immersing you soul in the music…in the present

The Basic Step…..Interpreting the music
Learning to give without expecting anything in return…”The Key To Real Love” 

5-6.30pm, 6.30-8pm
Roberto Massis
Effortless Volgadas: All Secrets of Volcada Technique
Connection with partner & embrace.
Mixing Volcadas, reverse Volcada with Ganchos & lifts

3. Vals musicality & dynamic.
Musicality and Dynamic Turns for Vals.
Spicing Up Your Vals: Creating Contrasts with Different Qualities of Movement.
Challenging Rhythms, Syncopation and Beyond.

8-9.30 pm
Jorge Richards
4.Crash course on Tango Music Theory and how to use it in our Dance.
Basic knowledge about music theory and the Tango Music. This class is focused on recognizing musical patterns as means to improve the interpretation and musicality of the dance.

Day 3. 28th Feb
Time: 1-2.30pm
Oscar Wright

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“

Relaxed and a rigid structure are both present in the same moment
Heraclitus (495 BC) - ”all existing entities are characterized by pairs of contrary properties"

Exercises to increase awareness of your partner

”Possibility In Immobility”....Interpreting the music through delicious pauses….

Understanding your partner...listening to your partner (

Overcoming fear and doubt

Dancing in Milonga….A Spiritual Exercise (
above all we teach people  to dance in a manner which is  essential, transparent, powerful
The essential steps and figures necessary to dance in a milonga…

practical suggestions for having success in a milonga...Proper Etiquette

How to ask someone to dance….how to to refuse...proper conduct….how to to overcome to attain self to be successful in a milonga

Jorge Richards
2. Tango Meditation. A touch of Yoga to our Tango practice, or backwards?
A workshop aimed at consolidating the knowledge of the previous classes in an attempt to experience union and intimate connection in the tango embrace. How can it feel like to have 4 legs?

Time 4-5.30pm. 5.30-7pm
Roberto Massis
3. Colgada.
Making Colgadas Effortless: All Secrets of Colgada Technique
Linear, Circular and Continuous Colgadas for Open and Close Embrace.
Challenging Combinations! Mixing Colgadas with Barridas, Sacadas and Ganchos.

4. Pulpo.
The legs may be interlaced and hooked together, in the style of Octopus.
Sequence step: Trap Sacadas, Wrap Sacadas, Drags, basic Ganchos.
Find your balance, pivot & connection.

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DANCE : Delhi Tango Festival at NDTS studio, E-193, Greater Kailash-2 & Zai, Local shopping Complex, Greater Kailash-2 > 25th to 28th February 2016 DANCE : Delhi Tango Festival at NDTS studio, E-193, Greater Kailash-2 & Zai, Local shopping Complex, Greater Kailash-2 > 25th to 28th February 2016 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Sunday, February 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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